It is nine days to my birthday.

I will let that sink in for a bit.

This post isn’t really about my birthday. Well, sort of. It actually isn’t. It is about so many things…okay like two things.

On my way to work this morning, which by the way is beginning of term morning, I couldn’t help but notice the different kids going to school. Some being driven in private cars, others walking, others in taxis and others on boda bodas. I also couldn’t help but think about those who weren’t on their way to school this morning because their parents couldn’t afford the transport to take them today.

I noticed those with super shiny new shoes, and those with school bags so torn and falling apart. Those with super clean new uniforms and those carrying their books in polythene bags, probably because they didn’t get a bag for the new school year.

I also noticed those bargaining with their parents why they should really go to school on the first day of the term. Those ones reminded me of my younger self. I don’t know why I thought the first day of school was as irrelevant as the first slice of bread…but clearly some of the kids today think the same way. Just imagine the teachers’ shock if no child showed up on the first day. *insert laugh*

So this morning I said a special prayer; for all the kids who were less fortunate than others. I turn 27 in nine days and this morning I thought about what my earlier school journey was like. I’m saying earlier because my school journey is still on-going. Only that this time I’m actually voluntarily signing up for it. Looking for trouble literally.

Never at any one point in my life did I lack tuition or school material or some of the things that were not even needs but mere wants. Never was I asked to go back home or denied something at school (like exams or a school trip or access to something) because I had a balance on a certain payment. My parents were never threatened by the school heads. I never had to stay home for a bit so that someone else would study for that time. I never went to school without stationery or break snacks or went a day hungry at school.

I’m pointing these out not because I am showing off (and Lord knows I am not) but because that is what it is for some children in our country. There is a lot of lack, it’s heart-breaking. There are children walking the streets selling mandazi and maize and all sorts of things to ‘earn’ their tuition. Their parents have them do this to supplement on the family income that isn’t enough to cater for their education needs. Sometimes if they’re lucky, they make it to school before the term ends, sometimes not.

So I said this post was about two things: one – extreme gratitude to the man upstairs (GOD) for the fact that I had a good education. Not just myself, but siblings as well. And that HE provided everything we needed and wanted.

Two – a prayer for the parents having financial trouble educating their children. And the children having trouble going through school.

It’s one thing to reach out, and another to reach each one of them. It is impossible to help all of them and sometimes the second best thing to do is to pray that God whose hand is not so short to reach anyone will be their fixer in it all.

Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. – Isaiah 59:1



2 thoughts on “2/2/15

  1. nevender says:

    Hmmm.. you reminded me of uncertain days. But I know now, that there were those who had even more uncertain days than I. Amen.

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