Chapter 27

27I believe life is a book. The author is God and he has a different storyline for each and everyone. I have no idea how he does it since we’re like 7 billion people in the world and there’s millions born each day. But then again, he’s God.

Today, I start chapter 27 of my book. I saw my grandmother on Sunday, when I was just left with three days to make 27 and she said I didn’t look a day over 20! *insert laugh* Aren’t grandmothers the best????? Well, after she did say, I’m old…..I don’t know what that would make her! 🙂

26 was probably my hardest year. I no lie. It was a mixture of extremes. One moment I was over the moon about one thing and the very next, I would be in a serious depression pit! Goodness! It was a different version of 13. All types of confusion, some things I have no idea how I dealt. But here I am. 🙂

Yesterday I read the last page of that chapter and I’m more than looking forward to 27.

I picked this from a blog I follow…and it pretty much sums up how I feel about today and how I plan on living the next chapter:

Today is still a priceless gift (make the best of it). – I only have so many days left on Earth.  I don’t know how many that is, but I do know it’s a very limited number.  I know that each one of those limited days is a gift, a blessing… a miracle.  And that squandering this miracle is a crime – a horrible lack of appreciation for what I’ve been given.

source –

To those who’ve been bothered by my countdown, don’t worry, it’s over now. 🙂

Happy 27th to me!



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