This is me seated in a coffee shop somewhere in Kigali all types of exhausted. I came here for lunch and got too comfortable (read: lazy), asked for their WiFi password and decided to work. My assignment here has been challenging to say the least buuuutttt I think I’ve had the kindest hosts, who have also made my work very easy.

Kigali is a very beautiful town! Christ!!! I know it is a much smaller country than ours and probably easier to manage financially but each time I’m on the road I get amazed. There is a lot of construction going on…the city is literally getting built! Not just random construction in swamps or over drainage channels like is the case back home but properly planned and organised. My construction mind is in awe! The roads are neatly marked, clean and big enough. I keep telling my driver if I see a pothole or overflowing sewage pipe, he’s going to have to stop and I take a photo. Three days now and one to go and I have not seen any.

Anyhu…one day, we will probably catch up…but they’ll be waaaay ahead but we’ll definitely get better than we are now!

picture002 picture006

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