Old is Gold :-)

Over the weekend, I did what I do on so many other weekends….escort my parents to a party of some sort. This is my side job…since the boys moved out and they’re not really party people anyway, an invitation for Mr. and Mrs (Ma and Pa Jem) usually has an unwritten but obvious plus Nalu in it.

So anyway, if you have been to a Rotary party, you know how happy these people are. They go all out, with the food, the drinks and the entertainment as well. Their spirits are still young with so much energy! Sometimes I can’t even keep up.

At this particular home hospitality last weekend, I was soooo exhausted from the week. Work has its way of working me sometimes and I had a major sleep debt. But mum had told me about this party like three weeks ago (usually that is the notice I need because my own party /events schedule is a bit hectic to say the least…so we plan way in advance) and even though I had no energy to stay up past 8pm I went anyway. No regrets. It was an amazing party. Great food and drinks, the best hosts and awesome company. The Rotary Club mum belongs to, Bweyogerere Namboole turned 20 so yeah….a celebration was in order.

Towards the end of the party, when one too many wine bottles had been emptied, the ‘page boy’ of the club who is by the way probably the oldest did one of Elly Wamala’s classics…Twalyako Byetwalya; dad and some other people were the back up (or rather, side) dancers and I’ve never seen a bunch of happier people. It was grand! I still don’t know who of my siblings got those (dad’s) dance moves…refer to gentleman in striped shirt but I’m sure it was not me. 🙂

I recorded this on my phone, with lots of movement and talking so it’s not the clearest you’ll find (apologies)  but it is my gem and I’m going to keep and watch it for a looooooong time! I’ve heard the stories about ‘their days’ so this song is not just a song….they really did live their younger days to the fullest, I doubt I have even come half way it.




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