A Letter to My Future!


Definitely borrowing this letter. 🙂

The thought process!


Balance; balance is a state of being. A decision you make when you are constantly faced with many worrisome thoughts. Many times the things we fuss about are petty to others, and so is true for the things we dont care or even fuss about. The world always seeks balance, and that’s why we smile when are happy and larsh out when angry. Balance is not something taught, it’s something you seek, like a man seeking for a female companion. Balance is something you learn and need to understand and I have come to perceive much later in life that you need balance. No one will ever tell you. Or even teach you. Find emotional, spiritual, physical and financial balance if you need to succeed in life.

Attitude; this is what we choose on the inside to reflect on the outside. If we are positive on the inside, it…

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