The haves and have-somes….

Ever wanted to have what someone else has, without putting into consideration how hard they might be working for it….and how much they actually do deserve it?

The other day I wished I was getting the same amount of money as person X gets. I convinced myself, it’s not fair….why should I get less than them. The devil is a liar I tell ya! I was almost jealous, but somehow brushed it off. When I told God about it,,,,yeah HIM and I are sort of like that these days (always have been actually, probably just more mature now); HE made me realise if I was told to do the kind of work person X does, even for a day, I wouldn’t handle it let alone enjoy it! I would probably suck so bad at it it would drive me crazy. The thought alone got me upset. Best believe, it’s not even ‘dirty’ work as you might think, it’s just something I wouldn’t enjoy doing, even for the pay.

In that very instant, I literally told myself, person X deserves every single bit of it. For what they put in, they definitely deserve it, and I don’t. LOL.

And just like that, the feeling of discontent that was starting to creep in left.

Contentment does not necessarily mean settling (for less). It means finding joy and making where you’re at your happy place. Working harder does not mean discontent. It means realising that you can be better and working towards the betterment of oneself without exactly having somebody as competition.



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