Unforeseen circumstances….the good kind.. :-)

SometimesRight?????? That’s exactly what happened to me this weekend! I had all these things to pay for and to be honest when I was making the last payment, I wished there was a way I could have paid less, and got away with it. I’m only being honest. I was slowly running broke. And no, I don’t mean like a church mouse but I mean, running out of money I could spend on wants. That’s what is meant by ‘broke’ sometimes. Yes, there are times it means totally empty but there are other times when it means, the money is there, yes..but not for wants / luxuries. I mean the latter. But I went ahead and made the full amount anyway.

Earlier in the week, I had put aside a certain amount to pay for something else and was not able to personally deliver that payment, and instead left it behind sealed in an envelope for someone else to deliver. When I got back at the end of the day, the person who helped me deliver that particular payment, told me the payee (did I just use the word payee???) had left behind some change for me. Now at this point, I’d just come from spending the last bit I had (the one I wished I could pay less and get away with it) and was pretty much ‘broke’…

I was almost certain I had left an exact amount and change was close to impossible…but then again, it had been a hectic week so there was a possibility that I had over counted the amount I left. The change was a ‘good sum’ and I had to cross check with ‘payee’ to make sure there were no mistakes. To my surprise, when I asked if I had paid more….this was the conversation…

Me: “You gave me change though..had I counted extra? I can be confused sometimes..”

Payee: “No, you hadn’t counted extra. It was cash back in appreciation for your support..”

I was stuck between a jaw drop, confusion, shock and absolute gratitude for what had just happened. Like how did that even happen? And at that point I said a nearly quiet thank you Lord…because there was no other explanation. That was really him at work. He was not about to have me rant for him this week about how  broke I am so he fixed it soon enough! 😀

Similar things happen almost all the time, sometimes we’re just too busy or caught up in the race to notice them. But HE never stops.

Happy June!


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