Has anyone noticed how the traffic congestion in Kampala (in the evenings) has literally shot high up those ends????? Like the roads suddenly became narrow! It’s traumatising! You sit, turn, phone battery dies, you sleep wake up …and noooooo, not yet home! For a journey that takes a maximum of 20 minutes on a clear road.

Anyhow, the other night was one of those. I literally, slept and woke up and we were still on the road. Thankfully, at that time of the night, radio stations are playing ‘calm’ music…cz quite honestly, the only thing to do in that congestion is be calm! lol! Celine Dion’s ‘power of the dream’ played and somehow I was attentive….that’s what traffic jam does to you…. 😀 I realised it is such a beautiful song….so beautiful and so true.

Your mind will take you far
the rest is just your heart
you’ll find your fate is all your own creation

I decided I should share… here you go … —> watch 

Don’t stop believing!


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