Making good on a promise I made….

Yesterday, yes Thursday (11-6-15)  yesterday, I made God a promise that if he granted me a wish I had made, I would write about it.

And he did. So here goes.

The day before yesterday, I made arrangements with some members of my site team to have them work on (and complete) a task yesterday. The plan was, by 8:30am, work starts and by day end, it had to be completed. No room for time extension for this particular task. I wanted it out of the way and not just that, but the resources I had…were just for that day. An extension would mean going through the acquisition process again, which wasn’t exactly something I was willing to go through.

At 10am, the team leader showed up….clearly, very late. But just like I had done the day before, I told him he HAD to do it and complete it in that one day. Of course his response was, I’ll try to..but I insisted, no you won’t try to complete, you WILL complete.

His efforts aside, there was another factor I had no control over. The rain! The way Uganda weather is set up….it’s so hot one moment and the next the mother of all storms. And this time, by the time he started on the task, the rain clouds had started gathering. I knew if it rained, there was no way the team was going to carry on with the work let alone complete it in the time I wanted them to.

As I left the site, I prayed. I asked God to hold the rain; for just that day. So that my team would accomplish this particular task. In the meantime, the clouds were really dark. On my way back to the office, it even started to drizzle and at that point my prayer changed to, Lord if the guys at the site actually finish that task today, I promise I will write about it.

The sun pretty much didn’t come out all day. But the drizzle had gone and it did not rain either. I didn’t call the site to check on them lest they gave me bad news…I decided this morning I would check for myself. When I got to the site, the first thing I asked them was, ‘did it rain yesterday?’… and you won’t believe it but it actually didn’t rain there. Apparently, they had dark rain clouds in the sky all day but ZERO downpour. And well, the team had actually worked on and completed the task! I couldn’t believe it! I had prayed, and my prayer had been answered.

Lots of times we imagine some things are not thaaaaaaaat important or that life threatening to be prayed about….and for a moment, thanks to twitter, I asked myself; Jem, if they don’t finish, will you die????? And well, my answer (to myself) was, I won’t die but I really need this to work out, not because I was going to get rewarded for it or anything, but because it was important to me.

What is important to us, is important to HIM so there is no such thing like a silly thing to pray / talk to HIM about. 🙂

Let not your heart be troubled.

John 14



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