Face Mapping

#ReBlog: Like she said, this can’t be taken as gospel truth; but is definitely something to consider.

Wolf + Moroko

Sometimes you do everything right and the zits still break to the surface like they are escaping tiny Great White Sharks underneath your skin. Drinking water, eating barely any processed foods, maintaining a well rounded skincare regimen with the right products and yet, frustratingly, nothing.  This happened to me recently and like any sane person would, I went to Dr.Google to find a solution. There is some crazy stuff out there…from someone swearing by the topical application of breast milk to the more mind boggling sperm facial?  Now, I’m as open minded as they get but walking around with sperm like I have an upcoming role in ‘American Pie? No thank you.

Thankfully, I eventually stumbled across an amazing blog The Beauty Gypsy  which introduced me to face mapping, an Asian stream of thought with Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicinal principles. Face mapping, despite being around for about 5000 years…

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