Mr. Ingram’s *Stand*

This is how I make my playlists each day….Most times, if I listen to a random song in the morning that I like, say on the radio or something, somehow I end up listening to that particular artiste the bigger part of the day.

Today that person was James Ingram. His song, ‘I don’t have the heart’ played on radio one *you gotta love radio one btw! If oldies are your thing like me*……so anyway when I turned off the radio, I set my ‘work playlist’; i.e. my do not disturb music. Usually after making my to-do list, I set my music and shut the world out and get on with my work. Well, not entirely shut it out but you know what I mean.

I listened to most of James Ingram’s classics that are absolutely timeless. Nobody does it like some of these people any more I tell you! When I was done with the really old ones, I listened to his 2008 album, Stand (in the light). I had never heard it before. Goodness! This is probably the best music my ears have taken in this year. It is such a beautiful collection!

On that list, is his remake of the hymn ‘Blessed Assurance’…..I literally hit repeat on my player and listened to it over and over again!! I know this hymn by heart, well almost. Like 99% of it. And it is no new hymn to me; but somehow I wanted to keep hearing it again and again because it had so much soul! It gave me chills like I actually finally understood it!

I’m still listening to the list….the moment it gets to the 10th song I start over.

Here is a recording of him singing that awesome awesome awweeessssome hymn at the Crystal Cathedral..


Everything must change, Blessed Assurance, Yah mo b there, don’t let go, stand in the light, Mercy….. Such beautiful beautiful songs! You need to find them and listen for yourself!

Wait, I found them for you! If you have a reliable (and unlimited) internet connection 🙂 here you go —-> James Ingram – Stand (In the light)

love and love


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