Let’s talk about weight…shall we?

Many of us, if not most, think that plus size people have the biggest challenge with weight-related remarks from other people.

Let me tell you about MY experience. I am not a plus size. In fact I’m a tiny-size. So you’d think I should have it easy…..but naaaah. People actually don’t believe when I tell them I find such a hard time buying clothes; some lady once told me not to bother wasting her time because she didn’t have anything for my size in her shop. See, I never expect to find perfect fits….but I do have some awesome tailors who make these originally big clothes, jem-fit clothes.

Clothes aside, there’s the side-eying and judgement passing. There’s a bunch of humans who actually believe, a person only gets / grows small either because of a disease or slimming.

Two months ago, a waitress at a restaurant I used to eat at boldly asked me, “eh Jemima you’re so skinny! Why don’t you eat??” This was the same woman who served my lunch every other day, which lunch comprised of plenty of junk and the like so if there was someone to come to my defence about my eating, it should have been her. I didn’t have an answer for her.

A few days ago, I bumped into someone I hadn’t seen in a while and her remark: “Eish Jem, are you slimming??????” She was a little bigger than when I last saw her, but I chose not to comment on that little (or not so little) detail.

Yesterday, I was at the hospital and when my BP was being taken, the instrument ‘failed to work’ on several tries. I’d never seen this happen before. And the nurse actually told me, “the problem is your hand is too tiny”……I laughed it off and casually (though I was trying to be serious about it) told her that this wasn’t the first time I was getting my BP measured and I’d never been told that my arm is too small! Well, after what seemed like 5 attempts, she got a reading.

What am I trying to say???

As much as people will assume that every plus size person is irresponsible with their eating and doesn’t exercise and needs to reduce the intake on this that or the other…society is almost equally brutal towards tiny people (read, girls). You’re bony. You have no curves. You’re sick. You don’t eat. You want to be like the magazine girls. etc etc. Half the time I roll my eyes at such.

I also found an answer for when people ask where all the junk I eat goes…..well, to my legs. They didn’t get long overnight.

There’s lots of information you might want to equip yourself with before declaring yourself a (other people’s) weight specialist for example on genetics and metabolism.

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