The lipstick-stained cup….

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and realised we have a habit in common. ….now this is a friendship not based on things-in-common….once my aunt asked; “oh, were you in the same primary school? high school? University?” *wore a very confused look* and then asked, “no? how did you become friends?????” LOL. But that is a story for another day altogether. However, along the way we’ve found several things we do have in common. 🙂

The lipstick stained cup…..


Now, when I wear lipstick and end up having tea or a glass of water or something like that, I ALWAYS make sure to wipe the stain off before the cup / glass is taken away, that is if I’m not going to clean it myself. Even when whoever is taking it away finds me ‘not ready’, I somehow tell them to come back after a few minutes and I use these to find a tissue and wipe the lipstick off first. I’m not comfortable with the idea of my cup going with the stain. Yes, even when I know it is going to be washed. I sort of feel like it’s some sort of etiquette but also know that not doing it is not such a cardinal sin. 🙂

So anyway, I found out my friend never lets her cups ‘go away’ with the stain either. For similar reasons.

What’s your opinion on this? Ladies, of course. 🙂

Well, for the gentlemen, just smile and wave.


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