Cooler than the other side of the pillow….

When (now) President Barack Obama ran for office in 2008, I was working with this guy at the time —> Jethro <– and I remember being so in awe of everything Obama that he (Jethro) now calls me NaluBarack. I am not as obsessed currently, but I greatly admire him.

So anyway, a few days ago was his birthday, how do I know? Well, it was all over international news. He’s the President of the world. Sort of. I’m not stalking him or anything.

I came across this compilation of some of the moments he danced / sung from msnbc and to be honest, I enjoyed watching it. How cool is he?????? Watching it was a mixture of laughs and awwws and a little teary-eyedness at the end. *insert emoji covering face*

Here…. click the link below and enjoy. 🙂

Image Source: FLOTUS' twirra page ...
Image Source: FLOTUS’ twirra page …

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