Taking Stock….

stockListening to; Amy Grant. 🙂 Have you listened to ‘Overnight’????? If not, look for it. Better still, listen to everything Amy Grant. ♡

Praying for; Esther_K! 🙂 Get well soon my dearest!

Working on; My school research.

Hating on; Wrigley’s cinnamon chewing gum! It’s simply the worst flavour ever made!

Loving on; The parents! Every day. All day! Forever! ♡

Claiming; First-lady status someone gave me over the weekend! Work on it future hubby! Put Presidency somewhere in your life goals. 🙂

Believing; A LOT! I have learnt that faith and believing go such a long way! Positive vibe attracts positive outcomes!

Thankful; for life, health and God’s providence.

Drinking  Gulping; Plenty of water. I hate water. So what I do, I pour a glass then gulp it down in seconds just to get it done and over with.

Craving; Mocca Blueberry milkshake

Taking; Apple Cider Vinegar and Cinnamon. Mixed with warm water. Not the best of concoctions but very good for liver detoxification. You probably should as well. Seriously.

Finishing; this post.



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