Directly translated: Do not fear yourself! LOL.

That makes absolutely no sense…..but it means be bold. Confident. Brave. Courageous.

I’m trying to avoid writing  a blog post about my Masters phase because I want to do that at the end….after graduation. There’s so much about this phase I want to write about. It has been quite a phase, it still is. I remember saying one time that I can’t wait for the blog entry about the road to masters graduation….because it’s been a different kind of journey. One that has defined and refined me. Not just the school part, but everything in between.

This school week however, something happened that I just had to write about..My classes run for a week every other month and this month, this is the week.

Last week, I defended my research proposal….something I had dreaded from the word go! But I managed to. And I didn’t die. I remember getting out of bed that morning and my only prayer was, can today end already??? Lol. I was wishing this at 6am! Anyhu, it came, I went, I presented and I did well. I passed. With corrections. Next step – data collection, thesis presentation, graduation. *Insert Beyonce screaming when Jesus say yes!*

Fast forward to several days later, class. And turned out not so many people in the class had defended their proposals. Not half. Not quarter. Not even a third. Just about 3% had…and I am not even exaggerating. I have just calculated that percentage right now. Here I was soooooo freaked out that I might be so behind with my progress, and turned out I was ahead of nearly 97% of the class. I was like, wait..what?! And then everyone was asking me all these things about how to do their work…telling me where they were stuck and all and asking me for advice. I was too confused. I felt ‘unqualified’ to be helping anyone because I was in a panic state myself.

And then I realised, I had to play the part. When someone (even the professors) asked me anything, I had an answer, surprisingly one that made sense. I stopped kwetya-ring.

My plate is still so full! And the thought of how much I have to do to clear it still freaks me out. I won’t lie. But this week has taught me a few things on boldness and belief in self.

Even when you think you’re no good…..best believe there’s someone who thinks you’re good enough and considers you their go-to person. Tewetya!

Sometimes, not just someone but a whooooooole class!




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