Dear Driver…..

Depending on what route you use in the morning, or where you stay…there’s a high chance you’ll find one, two or several impatient drivers who seem to have ‘more important’ places to be than yourself.

I have ranted and ranted AND RANTED about the particular route I use on my way to work because it has some of the most careless drivers. And I’m not even exaggerating!


I have really ranted!

And no, no change. It actually gets worse by the day. And this Katalima stretch is right above the police headquarters, surely they can’t say it’s too far from them to deploy a few officers on it! If that was ever a reason.

Each time a school child or group of them cross the road from one end, it’s only the grace of God that protects them from being hit by an overtaking driver. I want to have a red flag with the words, ‘get your impatient self back in the lane before you kill somebody‘ so that I put it out as we drive along this stretch for the drivers behind. There is ALWAYS that one FOOL driver who thinks the line is too slow or everyone in the line is wasting time (and stupid) and decides to get out of it and overtake and as the kids cross, the last thing they expect is a car coming from the other side. Yes, they’re told to look left and right etc…but somebody needs to tell some of these drivers to stop being CERTIFIED IDIOTS and keep their lane!

This morning as we drove to work, what I’ve always dreaded along the Katalima road actually happened, but this time along the ntinda-stretcher road; typing away on my phone….my mother having a convo with my aunt as she drove…regular morning really….she saw a car overtake, and she sighed. Now like always, the line was long BUT MOVING!!!! But this driver felt he/she needed to get to wherever they had to be by what, yesterday?? And just as this car came on fast, there was a man (pedestrian) who’d managed to get the car infront of us to stop a bit so he would cross. As soon as he got past our lane, he looked down to see if there was any car, BECAUSE IN THAT LANE, THAT’S WHERE THE CARS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE COMING FROM! And down was clear. No oncoming car. But as he randomly looked on the upper side, as he continued to walk, the overtaking car had reached him. I heard my mum make a slight scream and then there was a bang and the poor man flying! I covered my eyes, my heart broke into a million pieces in that instant, I held back my tears. I cry so easily. Gosh!

When I finally got the courage to peep at the road, he was there, on the road, thankfully still alive, moving a bit, passers-by were running towards him to help. At this point I thought that maybe the driver had stopped right ahead. I assumed he was human. I assumed wrong. The car had in micro-seconds, sped off, and disappeared. Like literally vanished! Even the other pedestrians were not sure which car up ahead in the lane had done it. What kind of person does that really????!!!

Hit and Run

I blamed myself for covering my eyes as it all unfolded. I wished I had atleast got the car number plate and tweeted it. Best believe I was going to stalk Uganda Police until they atleast respond that they’d look into it.

I was traumatised. What a way to start the day? And this guy, the victim….this was 7:30 in the morning, this is probably the last thing he expected happening to him this morning. I didn’t take a good look at him long enough to ‘tell’ where he could have been going. Work? Back home? Was he one of the homeless people on our roads? I couldn’t tell. I didn’t have the courage to look at him, and his pain.

It’s one thing when you get to an accident scene a couple of minutes after it has happened, it is another to witness it. It is traumatising. My heart can’t deal.

To this man, I hope he lived. I hope he has family that has been able to find him. I hope he didn’t end up dumped in a corridor of a hospital somewhere. I pray he lived.

To the Uganda Police, if you are able to put 5 – 6 traffic officers, complete with riot control officers with guns and all (to control traffic…really?) at a junction that has FULLY FUNCTIONING traffic lights…abeg, atleast deploy one along the stretcher road and not one but like 3 along the Naguru – Katalima stretch.

To the motorists, be mindful of other road users. Especially pedestrians. Goodness! If you really want to be where you have to be in record time and feel the other road users are wasting your time, LEAVE YOUR HOME AT 4AM WHEN THE ROAD IS CLEAR!

I really pray this man lived. My heart’s breaking for a stranger.

One Reply to “Dear Driver…..”

  1. I totally agree. i use this route every morning and people are really impatient and careless. there’s that police truck that has been there along that road for months, those policemen just look on nowadays…it’s like they’re part of the vegetation…who are they serving at that time, the citizens or the grass and trees?

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