On Courage and Golden Buzzers…

Sunday night TV….and no I’m not talking about #BeMyDate. I think it was funny at the start, and I watched a couple of episodes until I had enough. Also, my Sunday night sleep is precious. All my sleep is precious.

So anyway, while trying to find something better to watch, to keep awake so that I don’t skip supper, I landed on SA’s got Talent. I swear I don’t even remember what channel it was. Next Sunday I’ll just do a random search same time and find it.

I was just in time for the audition that had me wailing….of tears running down my face and all. SMH. Told you I got an excess of tears. For all of you who are hardcore and rarely cry…best believe God gave me your share.

Genevieve, 41 and a bipolar survivor. 🙂 She sung her heart out. The crowd loved her, the judges looooooved her! So much that she GOT THE GOLDEN BUZZER!

This morning I had to look it up so I watch it again without crying, hopefully. I have re-watched it. And still, I felt a tug at my heartstrings.

Here it is….. 🙂

Like she said, Never Give Up!



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