The Good Still Live….

People say, it’s the good ones that die…..but today a stranger I didn’t even get the chance to meet proved to me that the good also still live, and walk among us.

Ok. That was a rather deep way of starting this post which might not even be as seeeerriiioooouusss as that intro made it out to be.

But anyway, please read on.

I woke up in very high spirits! I don’t even know why. It might have something to do with the cheer of the Festive season, which in my world has officially started today! So I doubt anything will be stealing my shine today. 🙂 I hope.

This morning, I have done more running than I have ever done…..ever! Like seriously. Wait, that’s exaggerated, I think the most I have run in my life is during the weekly morning trot in high school. There’s not so many ways you can describe torture. That was it for me really. But yes, it felt like it this morning.

The lift at the building where I work is off today. My office is on the 5th floor….so my running started as early as 7:55am. I had thought I’d stroll to the building and then get the lift quickly and be able to sign in at work by like 7:57am! LOL! My surprise when I got to the lift and saw the ‘Out of service’ thingie! I’m pretty sure it even had a smiley at the end. Or the laughing emoji. I just didn’t see them because in a flash second I decided to ruuuuuunnnn up the stairs so that I make it. Not that I’d be killed if I reached later than 8 but I try to make it before 8 so I didn’t want today to be different. I have never felt so un-fit in my life. LOL. When I got to the 5th floor, I had to stop like for 5min to catch my breath. Well I did that after signing in on the biometric thingie. *covers face*

So anyway, after resting, I had some things to fix before really settling down and that involved me leaving the building. I got my documents, (national) ID inclusive and left my desk. But I think I was still exhausted from the run.

Reaching my destination, I realised I had lost the ID. I wasn’t surprised. I think the tiredness made me lose grip of the things I was holding and the ID fell. I hadn’t carried a handbag. I didn’t have energy for that. Our bags can be a bit heavy by the way. Sometimes, there’s a whole house in there! Anyhu, I was tired. At 8:30am. Don’t judge me.

I didn’t even worry about the lost ID because it was a copy. Never carry originals, unless you have to. I have a copy of my national ID and my drivers license. Too bad I can’t make one for my ATM card. 🙂 So I told myself, Oh well…I’ll make another copy. It will probably be swept away or the afternoon downpour will have it washed to one of KCCA’s drainage channels by end of day. And I let it go.

When I got back to the office, I was told the building’s security guard was looking for me. I HAD LEFT HIM DOWNSTAIRS. FIVE FLOORS UNDER. I HAD JUST CLIMBED UP FIVE FLOORS!!! This meant I had to go back down and find him.

So anyway, when I did, he told me he had my national ID. And I was like, oh! Thing is, I wasn’t upset about misplacing it, because it was a copy I could easily replace but I wanted to know where exactly he’d found it. I also told him we should blame the lift (not working) because it’s what had got me so exhausted so early in the morning.

Apparently someone walking on the street right outside the building picked it and brought it to him, in case he knew the owner. And lucky for me, he did. Which brings me to another thing, always greet these guys in the morning….because how else would he have identified me if I didn’t in some way interact with him when I walk in in the morning?

So a stranger had picked it, he didn’t have to. He could have walked on by. But he picked it and thought of taking it to a person who might know the owner. That too, was very kind of him I think. Alternatively he could have picked it and just placed it on top of the new super modern bins we have on the streets. Just there fwaaa! But he didn’t.

new bin
Photo Cred:

And the guard was also kind enough to try and find me. He could have just chull…..nobody would have known. I would never have known that he had it. But he looked for me. And no, he didn’t ask for a reward…although I said I’d give him soda at day end…simply because he didn’t ask.

So there you go….good people still walk among us. And there’s some good inside everyone!

They say, surround yourself with good people. I say, be the good person people surround themselves with. 🙂

Happy October!


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