For the DJs…….just read..and watch :-)

This weekend, I seriously considered making a list of (tear-inducing) TV shows I should stop watching…..then I failed to come up with one. Because why? Because I just tear through everything. lol. Sad things on the news, those mushy washy soaps or whatever, war movies, reality shows, anything emotional…and you know what, even the funny ones have me laughing till I cry. Now the talent search shows, forget the part where the contestants tell us their sad backgrounds or whatever…I tear sometimes when the judges are making decisions! loooool! It’s crazy! I just need to invest in tissues really, because clearly I won’t be making that list.

Soooooo anyway, for the second time in a row I cried watching SA’s got talent. LOL. Don’t judge, read on.

Presenting DJ Arch Jr. The 3year old DJ……guys you need to see this kid. When his dad brought him onto the stage I was thinking, hmmmmm…this is a trick. This guy just wants to trick the judges, I mean who’ll say no to a 3-year old and break his heart? Whoooo? But nah, when little DJ got to work IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!

Ask me why I cried, and I’ll tell you I rono mehn. I rono. And ofcourse, he got the golden buzzer!!! Anyhu, Just watch the video here…..

May your week be as awesome as this child!


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