On Independence……

Let me not lie to you. Minus what I studied in SST / History class, I don’t think I quite understand this independence thing. 9th October to me is just another public holiday……one that reminds me that the year is ending and we have nearly used up all our public holidays. #TeamWeLovePublicHolidays And noooooooooo, it’s not like I do anything exciting on those ‘special’ days. The idea of not having to wake up extraaaaaa early is what I love. I mean, I love to work but waking up early is such an ishooooooo! My dream job is one where I can wake up feeling fully rested, and go through my morning pre-work activities un-rushed. #CareerGoals. But this post isn’t about my dream job.

I looked up the meaning of independence.


Atti the state of being independent. How useless can a definition be? So I looked up independent…


Free from outside control. Not depending on another’s authority. Not depending on another for livelihood or subsistence.

Am I independent? I don’t know……the closest I have come to not depending on another for livelihood or been free from outside control is when I joined Uni. When I packed my bags and moved into a hostel. Reason I am saying came close is because, even then I was still depending on another for so many things. I was home every other weekend for a good meal, I was at my mother’s office every other day for pocket money, and at the beginning of the semester, well, I had to depend on my parents to pay for the accommodation….it’s like moving out and getting the rent and food money from your parents. Was I independent? I don’t think so.

Fast Forward now…..Am I independent? Let’s see….after Uni, I moved back into my parents home….they still feed me, once in a while when I need financial help, they’re my go-to people… basically, even today I still depend on another for some sort of survival. Hence my confusion…..

What is Independence?

As a country, what do we mean when we say we are independent? Are we self-sufficient, self-supporting, self-reliant? Don’t we still depend on the same people we ‘got independence’ from for a lot of things? We want to pass policy X today, but donor Y doesn’t feel so good about it and because they don’t feel good about it, we decide we also suddenly don’t feel good about it; yet the real issue at that point is that donor Y will not support us any more if we go ahead in a certain direction. Are we independent?

When it comes to country issues and how to run one, I’m clueless. So I will not pretend to speak or write any sense in that direction.

As people however, I think society has twisted this whole self-independence thing….where we imagine it means one does not and should not need anyone else’s help whatsoever. For anything. But then like I said, I don’t understand the meaning of Independence. Please, school me.

Independent Woman.jpg

Happy Independence anniversary, Uganda…well, tomorrow. 🙂


2 Replies to “On Independence……”

  1. Interesting question. Could independence be a human construct? When you look around the natural world (animals, plants, environment), there is very little independence. You see much more “interdependence.”

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