My idea of a good day…

This random day, September 14th to be exact, the lecturer asked the class to write about a good day. For clarity, I am not talking about a kindergarten class…but a masters class. See we’re all doing the research phase and are supposed to write our individual theses etc…..something which gets really boring at times. And I mean riiiiyyaaallllleee boring. It gets even worse when one hits a brain freeze or things don’t seem to be going the way they should. Writing then becomes a hard paper, because you either have to start forging things (and telling lies) or just try and confuse the intended readers of the work.

So this day, Mr. Prof. infront of a class whose average age could be about 30…..I mean I believe I’m currently the youngest in the class and I’m 27….so the average might be about 30 or thereabouts. …Mr. Prof told us to get a paper and in 100 words write a paragraph titled, ‘A Good Day‘. He wasn’t kidding. We actually started writing.

After the time he’d given us elapsed, he said he wasn’t going to have us read out our good days because he didn’t want to know about them (he wasn’t interested)…lol. how harsh is adult education though??? He said he just wanted to show us exactly how we should write our dissertations. With that kind of passion and concentration. Lol. Like we were writing about a good day! *insert hysterical laugh*

My neighbour happened to read about my good day and she laughed so hard…but to be honest, what I wrote on that paper was truly my genuine idea of a good day. I didn’t lie. I took a snapshot of the page and told myself I’d write about it some time. Then I forgot. It’s been a little over a month now but I found the photo among the 101 photos I’ve taken since then! 🙂

So here it is….my good day 🙂

A Good Day

See how I started with repeating the title thrice???? LOL! Because how else was I going to accumulate 100 words? I take my assignments seriously. 🙂

May your good days exceed your not-so-good-ones!


One Reply to “My idea of a good day…”

  1. “…where i have milkshake for breakfast, lunch and supper.” <<<got my attention right away haha

    "My idea of a good…" i'm sure if i start to write one it might turn into a poem but i'd also love to try and write up my own idea of a good day.

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