It is #UgBlogWeek this week but sadly, it’s a rather hectic week for me and I don’t think I will take part because I doubt I’ll have anything ‘on standby’ each day for the entire week. But I can’t wait to read all the posts that are going to go up from other people! Woop! Woop!

Anyhu, over the weekend I survived what would have been a terrible (and weird) accident. The thought hasn’t left my mind and it is as traumatising as the event itself.

At a party on Saturday, the clouds (as had been the norm all week) started to gather in the afternoon…and this time so fast that we had to get up and relocated fast from under the trees to a place with shelter before the rain poured.

As we moved, while holding a plastic chair in one hand and my handbag in another, I moved rather slowly, probably because I was chatting away with the person next to me. So for some reason I didn’t start walking as soon as I stood up from the chair and just held it for a bit.

It was really windy but the downpour hadn’t started.

Next thing as I turned to move towards the direction of the shelter a semi-huuuuuuge jack-fruit fell like 30cm from me. If you don’t know what 30cm is, it’s the length of a scale rule. Probably the length of your foot……if you have long feet.

scale rule

This thing that was bigger (and heavier) than my head, fell right next to me from high up those ends! If I had moved a second earlier, it was going to fall right on my head. And probably broken my neck. And I don’t know what else. I kept wondering, this is how people die from the strangest causes.

For a few seconds, I just stood there in shock trying to understand what had just happened. The wind was still so strong and the branches moving and I was just there until someone told me (reminded me actually) that I was still under the same tree and I might not be so lucky again.

I thought about the events before that afternoon….Leaving home, I’d told my father I’d see him later…before the party, I’d visited some relatives, just to say helo, unannounced…..I’d talked to my mother while at the party to let her know we’d be going home together……generally it was a normal day. How then would any of these people process the news if this thing had actually fallen on my head and I had to end up hospitalised or worse? They’d probably say but we just talked to / saw her a few minutes ago!

And then I realised, that happens every day and all the time and to lots of people. One moment you’re well and the next it’s something else altogether.

I then understood the power of the random prayers we say in the morning before getting out of bed. (I pray. I pray a lot. So much that starting the day without praying literally freaks me out). For God’s guidance, provision, favour, journey mercies AND protection. We might not feel or believe it, but HE actually listens and keeps us out of harms way so many times.

I told a friend the story and he asked if I took the jack-fruit home…my response; take the weapon that was fashioned against me????? LOL!

Have an awesome week; and pray for yourself and yours!



5 thoughts on “Ffenne….

  1. skaheru says:

    You CAN have something to write about every day – and I am certainly looking forward to reading your blog every day. About the ffenne, I have had almost the very same experience in recent days, so I will take up the same idea…more to come (from you!)

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