What’s in a name?

The other day Raven-Symoné said she’d never hire someone named Watermellondrea! LOL! She’s probably still regretting that not-so-well-thought-out remark because she got all sorts of cyber slaps from the internets!

Fast forward to this post….

This morning I told @skaheru and @nevender that I was too lazy to post anything for #UgBlogWeek today. And the plan was to read read and read other people’s posts and enjoy. You have noooo idea the great stuff people come up with. You start off by reading one next you know you’ve read like eight!

That was the plan until I got this message from someone I hadn’t spoken to in a looooong time!


There’s a baby on the way, God willing end of this month and if it’s a girl, she’s going to have my name . Now you probably do not get my excitement. Maybe it’s no big deal. But you see, these are the little things I live for!

My day is made and any other good thing that happens after, will be a bonus! When I told them there are different spellings of the name, I was asked for the spelling I use; and that’s the spelling baby is going to use!

My heart is full! Overflowing. I will send looots of prayers to the heavens for the safe delivery of baby; and even if it turns out to be a boy, that will still be okay! 🙂


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