She woke up. Yes she did, and she asked if she was out of theatre. 🙂 She was out. And then she slept; I think after she made sure she wasn’t in the after-life.

I wrote about my grandma in this → post. You see, she has my heart. All of it. I can’t even describe!

On the day she was supposed to be discharged from the hospital, all packed and ready to leave, the surgeon decided he wanted to do the surgery; which was an alternative form of treatment for her ailment. Upon diagnosis of what was causing her pain and discomfort, it was advised that one of two alternatives could be used for treatment. Either medicine (taking pills and whatever) or surgery.

The former was opted first. But then the surgeon decided the latter might be a better idea, considering the complications grandma had. Better to deal with it then, than have her come back weeks or months later with the same pain. I believed him, and I saw his point.

I’ve done so much medical reading this year because it’s the first time ever in my not-so-long life that I’ve had such ‘close contact’ with a hospital ward. When my grandad was ill, I read up everything I could about liver complications, what he had. I now know all the home remedies to take to reduce on the chances of suffering such later when one is older. Sadly, he passed on about a week after he left the hospital.

This week I have been reading about gallstones.

End of last week when I saw grandma, we agreed I wouldn’t go see her right after the surgery that was scheduled to be done 2 days later. I’ve seen someone I cared about right out of surgery before and there’s no words to describe how terrified and worried I was. Not knowing what to do to help must be one of the most terrible situations one can be in.

So we had our talk and it was her suggestion that I keep away from the hospital that day / don’t visit immediately.

The day the surgery was supposed to happen, after she’d been ‘starved’ the night before in preparation….the procedure was postponed to the next day because the surgeon in charge had to attend to a patient in a much worse situation. It was an emergency. Grandma could wait a few more hours and it was okay really. Immediately she was told about this, she asked for food because she was soooo hungry! When I heard this, I laughed so hard and blessed the Lord as well, because it was funny but also a sign that she was getting better. The day we took her to the hospital, a week earlier, she couldn’t eat or drink anything. Not even water. Because her system just rejected everything. So I was glad that she was hungry and actually wanted to eat now.

Tuesday morning, she was taken into theatre. I wasn’t at the hospital. Because we agreed I wouldn’t and shouldn’t be there. But I had my person there. Mum. 🙂 She kept me updated. And more than six hours later, I got the message that she was out and the procedure had been successful. She was now in recovery mode. And not so long after she’d been taken back to her bed, she woke up. Yes she did, and she asked if she was out of theatre. 🙂 She was out. And then she slept; I think after she made sure she wasn’t in the after-life.

She woke up a while later and noticed the lights around her and just to make sure, asked where she was. 🙂 Just to be sure she was still with us. Then she slept again. The wakes and sudden sleeps were probably the effects of the drugs in her system.

This morning, day after the surgery, she’s awake…and talking…proper sentences and mini conversations. She’ll probably attempt to tell me about the surgery when I go to see her then she’ll probably realise she doesn’t know how it went because she was sleeping. Lol. She’s told me about all the procedures of all the tests that have been done on her in the past days. And she speaks of them with so much amazement. She has had the kindest doctors, who, young enough to be her grandchildren, have kept her energy and spirit levels high throughout everything. They teach her medical things. She has a little paper where she takes notes. Lol. She’s always telling me, ‘lelo mu class twasomye…’ *today in class, we learnt..’ 🙂 The class being her bed, and the teacher being the doctor who comes to check on her but then takes a few minutes to ‘teach’ her things to help her understand her ailment and how it’ll be treated.

I am thankful today because my heart woke up! ♥



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