On junk and rubbish….

Dear fellow female humans,

So many times I complained to my mum about how expensive things were. For example say an outfit from Woolworths being 5 times the price of a ‘similar’ outfit elsewhere. And she always told me, it’s expensive but it will last. It’s good quality. Over time I started believing her and now my feel-good-excuse when making a ridiculously expensive purchase is that maybe it will last. It’s good quality. This has also left me broke lots of times. LOL!

However, buying cheap / affordable things like bags and shoes and jewellery has resulted into an accumulation of so many things I now realise I do not need. And does anyone find it so frustrating to switch bags like myself????

Half the time I either leave my purse in a different bag or one of my IDs, keys or things like that. It’s one of those things I dread Sunday night. Having to shift things from whatever bag I used over the weekend into whatever bag I’m using for the week.

And then shoes…can’t ‘we’ just have work shoes, a pair of sneakers, a pair (or 2 okay) of party shoes, then sandals.. *insert hysterical laugh* But yes seriously, Can’t we?

And then jewellery. Ah! I won’t even go there.

This video by Donna Ntongo is addressing ladies in their twenties…I believe that’s when all these ‘unnecessary’ purchases happen. And I’m glad I haven’t left that bracket yet….sadly (or not) it won’t be very long before I do. The election after next is going to find me somewhere on the other side of thirty! *insert wail* But yes, watching it was quite timely….I think I have a pretty good idea what my plan for the coming year will be. Getting rid of the items I really do not need, and of course considering the need / want weigh-scale when making some of these purchases next time. *starts chanting: I know I can. I know I will.* 🙂

Here you go…

Yours sincerely,



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