Decisions and things…

Years ago when I learnt how to drive, it took me a while to actually drive a car on my own. For the longest time, even after I had my license, I had my dad drive me to wherever I wanted to go and then pick me up after. I’d ask him to and sometimes, he offered…I think he knew I was scared of driving on my own, but also I had made it a habit. Basically, I was doing kyejo.

Then somehow, one day I thought to myself how silly I was being and got behind a wheel and never looked back. I overcame the fear of driving. I overcame it by myself.

I used to hate mosquito nets with the excuse that they’re so hot and I didn’t sleep well and I also invented a falsehood that I didn’t breathe well when sleeping under a mosquito net. So I’d just sleep and let the mosquitoes bite me without considering how dangerous Malaria really is. One day I got into an argument with a close friend of mine about my mosquito net ways and they threatened not to talk to me because I had refused to put one down. *We all need such friends by the way*. After that argument, I basically put my net every other night and then every night and now it’s a habit. I actually can’t sleep without one. The sound of wailing mosquitoes is torture to say the least.

While getting into bed yesterday, as I put my net I remembered a time when I just couldn’t and wouldn’t and now I learned to and it is part of me. Then I thought of the driving and how now I also don’t have a problem with it. Then I thought about all the other things I would like to do but I’m so afraid to or I’m just not bothered enough, yet.

And then it hit me, anything can be learnt and un-learnt. It’s just a matter of decision.

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