Made In Uganda. :-)

Remember this little guy of mine? Yup, he has my heart!

Last year on Christmas Eve, while going to the village, we stopped by a supermarket to buy stuff we needed and while there, I saw this collection of toy cars; made in the ‘PROC’. *those are initials of a certain origin of so many things on the market and if you think hard enough, you’ll decipher it* Moving on….

So this particular car, which was quite affordable too, didn’t survive till Boxing Day even! 😀 In fact, when the little guy got it, he was soooooo excited and he immediately started ‘driving’ it but in a few hours, it had lost a tyre. Then the light died, just know it did not survive. The next time I heard from him, he asked me what kind of car I had taken him that died within such a short time!!!! He’s a tough kid I tell you! I then made a mental note to replace the car.

Fast forward months into the new year, mum and I did the trip to go see him over the weekend. Well, not just him, a trip to the village in general.

On the way to Jinja, somewhere in Namanve, across the Jomayi stone place, is a car bond. Not your regular car bond….but something like it. I’ve seen it each time we’ve driven along that route but had never stopped by. This time I decided we would stop and buy my little guy a car from there.

Now, I imagined the prices would be a bit high considering the creativity involved…..but I did not think they would be thaaaaaat high! 😀 Well, the cars are pricey. But then again, that is what you expect from a fully-fledged bond, yes? My efforts to bargain were not so fruitful, I only got a 1k discount…but to be honest, I gladly made the purchase. It was worth it.

I had a little chat with the guy selling during this time and he told me, he actually pays rent for the space where his car bond is. It’s in the road reserve though. So I don’t know why the people collecting rent from him are doing so. He also allowed me to take photos of the different cars. I told him I would write about him and he was glad.

Isuzu Elf Front Isuzu Elf Side Milk Truck Front Milk Truck Pick Up Front Pick Up Side Tractor Front Tractor Side

His raw materials, pieces of wood, old tyres and plastics basically.

When I gave Joshua (my little guy) the car, he was sooooooooooo happy! I nearly cried! He has this thing where he says ‘Eh’ for things that confuse him, those that leave him speechless and to express his joy! He is such a sweet little soul. When he got the truck, he couldn’t believe he was holding something that looked like the real thing. He said it was heavy and I told him that well, it was heavy because he’s not supposed to carry it on his head but ‘drive’ it. 😀 With a huge smile on, he said ‘Ehhhh!’ thanked me and ran to my mum to thank her as well and the whole time he was just Eh-ing! His eyes lit up and I saw pure joy!

Joshua1 Joshua2

At that point, my heart was full!

Oh by the way, the car bond owner gave me his number, in case you need to buy from his bond or have him make for you something.

Andrew – +256 755 624366

Make somebody smile this week, and while at it, buy Made-In-Uganda! 🙂

4 Replies to “Made In Uganda. :-)”

  1. You beat me to it! I spotted this guy on Sunday and swore to myself that I would go back – and I certainly will! Many thanks! Mukono seems to be full of these enterprising people!

  2. Bambi I see that guy and I have always made a note to stop there but there is no parking and the taxis make the place a nightmare! I will definitely try harder next time I am in Kampala.

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