The more things change…

It is 2016……I am 28.

I sleep through some (if not most) of the mornings on my way to work.

I sleep through most of the evenings on my way back home from work.

My mum drives me to work and drops me off before she continues to her own work-place.

I get home in the evening and wash my juice bottle. I wash hers too.

I make us both fresh juice for work the next day.


It was 1994 – 2000……I was 6 – 13.

I slept through most mornings on my way to school.

I slept through most evenings on my way home from school.

My mum drove me to school and dropped me off before going to work.

I got home in the evenings and someone washed my (and my siblings’) juice bottles.

Someone made us fresh juice for school the next day.


It will be the future…….

I will be old and grey.

I will need support to walk.

I will need help feeding.

Potty and diaper moments will probably come back.

It will all go back to where it started.

The more things change….


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