Jesus just got a haircut in the salon I was at…..

Walked into a salon to braid my hair today. It wasn’t my usual one cz my usual hair lady’s demand is on 💯! I’d made an appointment with this particular one last Friday. The salon isn’t the issue, what I saw there is the issue. I think after Jesus resurrected yesterday, he decided to come to this salon for a haircut. In form of a black Ugandan man.

In walks a fairly old man. The young man who was his regular barber was on his way out but made a u-turn to work on his client. Then the lady who was plaiting my hair whispered to me that this man was very nice. She told me that when he comes in, he buys the entire salon team lunch. Before I knew it, one of the salon boys was doing a head count. Then he came back with a crate of soda. For everyone, not just the staff but everyone on the floor of the building at the time. Being a public holiday, it was mainly the salon clients and the security guards…Who btw were distributed between the two entrances of the building but he went to the other side as well. Myself, other clients and the security guards as well, everyone got a soda. Then another guy came with lunch packs…for the salon staff.

Before I recovered from the shock, the gentleman was done with his haircut and on his way out, gave each of the salon staff 5,000/=. Aaaaannnnddd he gave the security guards as well.

I don’t know who this man is, but he left me thinking about so many things.

10 Replies to “Jesus just got a haircut in the salon I was at…..”

  1. But I am really challenged by that guy. Some men go and blow the cash on Bad Black (yellow). Other men spread the sunshine and love in a barber shop. Wow.

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