Tribute to my sunshine… ☀

Today marked exactly a month since this. <—- click

Late last year, I responded to a job ad I came across for an opening in one of the places that had for a long time been somewhere up on the list of organisations I hoped I would work with some day. Weeks later, (several actually) I was called in for an interview. Besides my mum and my grandmother, only two other people knew I had made that particular application and then later called for an interview.

I did the interview on one of the days my grandmother was hospitalized. I used to go see her every night and we would talk about both our days and laugh loud in the ward. The day of my interview was different. For some reason I was so shaken by the interview that I seemed phased out the rest of the day; and even during my hospital visit. She asked me how the interview had gone and I told her it was hard. She told me she’d tell God about it and then she just held my hand the rest of the visit and we didn’t talk much….for nearly an hour she held my hand and didn’t let it go until visiting time was up.

"You may hold my hand for a while, but you'll hold my heart forever."
“You may hold my hand for a while, but you’ll hold my heart forever.”

When I was leaving the ward that night, she re-assured me she would talk to God about the interview. There’s a way she’d say, “I will tell God” like she was actually going to sit down with him and tell him. It felt like she used to. As strange as that sounds.

Weeks later, she passed on. In a very unceremonious way. But now that I think about it, she had to sneak out, otherwise we’d never have let her return to her forever home. Also, I think she had scheduled a meeting with Mr. man upstairs to have the talk she had told him she would have with him. So she had to go.

Many more weeks later, I got called and was given the offer I had lost hope on. The interview had passed. Lots of days had gone by. My sunshine had gone. I was basically in a state-of-whatever. She said she’d talk to God about it. But so much time had passed and I concluded she didn’t manage to convince him. In fact the caller told me I should have been called a while earlier but there was a delay. She had talked to him. She had convinced him. And together they planned the perfect time to tell me. The last day of my 27th year. That is the day I got the call. Early in the morning on the eve of my 28th, before I even got out of bed. Well, to be honest I used to get out of bed a little later than normal people. I was on a break of sorts.

These happenings had me confused for days! They made me re-affirm my faith in a power that’s beyond us. One that’s capable of the seemingly impossible. One that we cannot fathom. A God. And it also made me believe there really is such a thing as angels among us, and sadly they have to go back when the time comes.

It will be 4 months since she left, on the 5th. And many more months and years on every 5th.


Love. Forever. x

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