The guy who eats my lunch…..

It’s been a minute since I was on here… but anyhu…

A few weeks ago, I took a boda from the place where I had had my lunch back to work.

When I asked him how much it was going to be, he told me 2k and I told him that was too much. To be honest, it was a really short distance and 2k was too much. And I was just lazy to walk, otherwise I would have.

So I told him, I was going to give him 1k and the lunch I’d packed as take away from the restaurant. My fries. I absolutely LOOOOVE fries. He thought I was lying. At my stop off, I gave him the 1k that he had accepted to take and then my take away, and wished him well.

Today I took a boda from the same stage and again, I was holding a pack of take away, and no appetite. We went through the same drill, he told me his price, I told him mine and told him I’d give him my take away on top of what I was going to pay. So he took off his helmet, wore a huge smile and exclaimed, it’s you again???!!! He went ahead to tell me that he was the same guy from last time. But of course since this is a random stage in town, I don’t board from there regularly so I couldn’t remember his face. He was glad I was ‘back’ because then he could tell me what he wanted to tell me since the first lunch day.

See, he only had enough for water that day, the first day. And the lunch pack was his blessing for the day. He’d bought his water and had his meal and got full. And today he told me, he wondered if he’d ever find me to tell me the story.

We got to my stop off, I paid my fare and gave him ‘his’ lunch. He smiled, thanked me and told me, ‘but you’re so small. I think you should start finishing your food and not packing it.’

In my defense, I told him, if I eat all the food there is to eat, where will those who don’t have any find what to eat? 😀

Speaking of food, #TeamWeLoveOurFood, get in formation because #KampalaRestaurantWeek is upon us! 🙂


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