Be vigilant! *In afande Jem voice*

We are nearly half way through the year. What have you done, what have you not done, what hasn’t worked out, what are you slacking on? If you’re like me and don’t remember your resolutions, well, we shall be fine. It’s never too late to start or pick up, don’t stay stuck!

On to something else, what this post is actually about.

I walked into a forex bureau the other day and when the gentleman at the teller was done with the transaction he handed me the money, which I decided to re-count even if the note-counting-machine had done that in my presence and I had seen that the notes were the required number.

It’s actually called a note counting machine. I’ve googled it. I thought it would have a complicated name or something…note-ographer.

Moving on…

He had asked me what denomination notes I preferred and I told him 20s were good. So he pulled out a batch of 20s tied in a rubber band and placed them on the counting machine, counting off what we needed. My eyes (and his) were glued on the figure showing on the machine and after he handed me the money. However, instead of putting it straight away into my purse, despite the fact that I watched the machine count, I did a manual recount of the notes. Putting one by one aside.

Then there it was. A 10 somewhere in the middle of the 20s. See, the machine counts, yeah, but doesn’t tell the denominations apart. I showed it to him, we went over the counting again, and he topped up.

This got me thinking, fortunately this particular bureau is one I normally go to so I believe they are loyal. But there are those (not just Forex bureaus but all places that deal with huge money sums) that probably aren’t and will fix those less denomination notes in there and because we trust the counting machine, we never bother to manually check. You have probably been walking away from some of these places with less cash than you actually needed.

If I was a member of our police force, I’d say, be vigilant! (Their favorite word). But yes, be more alert and careful, and don’t be in such a rush as you make some of these transactions; times are hard, everyone is trying to make an extra shilling…sadly, some people might be trying to make it off you.

Kampala ssi bizimbe!

May the next part of the year bring you fulfillment!



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