You used to be Sharp….

Wearing jeans, a tee and a jacket (have you seen how undecided the weather is this morning?)….anyway, so I’m in jeans, a tee and a jacket and also my reflective field jacket, I bumped into an old lecturer of mine. From uni. Nearly five years ago! I still don’t know how the 5 years went by so fast!

So anyhow, I was happy to see him because he helped me a great deal during undergrad and clearly he was excited to see me as well. It was a good meet.

Then this happened…

Him: So you work here? That’s good.

Me: Yes, I do; just got back from an inspection.

(then we went into the briefs of what exactly I do and what he’s also done and is doing)

Him: That’s great! So have you finished your masters?

Me: Nah, not yet. Soon though.


Let me first interrupt the convo and ‘brief’ you….See, at the start of last year I got into Masters class and the way the program was set up, I could have graduated within a year. All I had to do was research, write a dissertation, etc. Towards year end, however, everything that could possibly go wrong, did. And I decided if I have things I have control over, then I will at least control those. I decided to take a break from the research and anything to do with school at the time. Good thing, adult education sometimes allows you to make such choices.

I told myself I would resume with the research when the New Year started. Graduation was in March but I had already told myself to forego that one and target the next. Again, adult education gives you choices. 😀 And yes, I’m currently trying my best to summarise.


Back to the convo…

Him: *in a very serious tone* What?! What happened? You used to be sharp!

Me: Literally laughing out loud. *and thinking: if only he knew half the story*

Me: Well, I’ll finish, I’m in the final stages I just slowed down a bit.

Him: Okay, all the best.

Me: Thank you.

As I walked away, I kept wondering (and laughing at) what ‘you used to be sharp’ means! LOL! Like seriously, did I just think so much into it? Should I have asked him what he meant by it…without sounding offensive…

At what point do we let people’s opinions of who we are / were / should be, start to bother us?

4 Replies to “You used to be Sharp….”

  1. Life is full of choices and the ball is in your body knows your life better than you do.. People sometimes say comments without thinking how it will sound in the other persons ears long as..situations wouldnt let has control over some situations so..such let them pass.. are still sharp…judging from how this situation..
    Thanks for sharing😁

  2. Haha it just reminds of how every one who expects me to be done with law school looks at me when they realize that graduation was post poned.
    Opinions I have learned just stop where you let them..
    Lol you used to be sharp indeed a 😂😂

  3. Let’s be honest… Is he the one going to hustle for you? The one going to help you with your research?
    People are well-meaning/intentioned but I sometimes get bored by it all…

    I am a huge supporter of further-your-studies naye, that ish can rob your life (even though the end result can be awesome)

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