On Criticism….

Most times, we don’t take it so well, when in fact, it was meant for our good.

I submitted my school draft report weeks ago and my supervisor highlighted a section and commented, ‘Jemima, did you even bother to read up on this?’ I actually read it out loud in her voice.

I was ‘offended’ in a way because to be honest I had read. But maybe just not enough. If there’s one thing my mother always tells me, it’s to take things lightly. The sky will fall down and she’ll say, ‘take it lightly.’ I guess that’s how she’s managed to stay young. 🙂 Years ago, trying to get me to feel better after a heartbreak, she told me to take it lightly! EL O EL! smh. God bless her! 🙂

So anyway I took it lightly; the supervisor’s comment I mean. And today, about two weeks after I got the report’s review, I got notes and decided to re-read about the subject! You should have seen how wide my already big eyes opened when I read a part I don’t think I had ever read before. At that point even I ASKED MYSELF, but surely Jem had you bothered to read on this before????

LOL! What am I saying? Criticism, when well packaged, is all the push we need sometimes. 🙂

Stop stopping. Keep on Keeping on!



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