Studying = Stu(dent)Dying

It shouldn’t be that really. Ok maybe studying sucks, but school should be great! Infact, School really made me better.

When I saw the #UgBlogWeek theme, #SchoolMadeMeNoBetter, I was all types of confused because I couldn’t relate. And for some reason, nobody seemed to ask for clarification on what it actually meant, so I figured I was alone in my confusion.

I sent a private message to the team asking them to help me understand. 🙂 I didn’t want to ask mu lujudde (in public) because I was scared of putting my ignorance and confusion out there for all to see. 🙂 Well, consider that a confession now.

Going forward, when I think about my school time, only three phases come to mind; Primary school, Secondary school and Post-Secondary. Whatever happened before that, I believe, was merely foundation. Why? Because let’s go to nursery…what did I do there? I think I learnt how to colour…and maybe write….scratch that, scribble. Maybe I also learnt how to count and recite the alphabet. Maybe I also learnt how to construct understandable sentences. When my brother first went to nursery school, he came home saying ‘pardon’ for everything. His teacher had used the word at school…I’m not sure if she explained when to use it, but we heard it for the rest of the week. Ok maybe I should start recognizing nursery as an important phase of my schooling as well.

So here we go, School really made me better.

And this submission has absolutely nothing to do with academics, because when it comes to life, there are other things that without them, there’s no point in having a great deal of academic knowledge.

School taught me how to deal…..with people. Age-mates, people younger and those older. How to deal with things. Events. How to handle things and people civilly. See, it is a community of all these people, from all sorts of backgrounds and each one as their individual person. With their own values, character and personalities. Like a fruit salad. A human fruit salad. And somehow everyone has to get along. To blend. To learn from someone else. To decide what not to learn, and stick to your own, but above everything to harmoniously co-exist.

School gave me friends…..and networks. I cannot go a week in this tiny city of ours without bumping into someone I went to school with. And these stretch as far as 20 years ago! I keep telling people I have an old classmate or schoolmate in every profession, except traffic police. But I’m sure I will find them. We all need them. (Disclaimer: taking no responsibility for how you understand that statement :)) I recently started work at a new place and by end of week, I felt at home because somehow, the corridors were full of familiar faces. People I had studied with. Those who were classes ahead of me, and some even below. One time while trying to cross a really busy road where motorists didn’t want to know about our pedestrian ways, this car suddenly stopped. And it was a sudden stop by the way, because when I saw it coming, I had already made up my mind to cross after it passed. It was moving that fast-ish. The car stopped, and flashed lights at me signaling me to go ahead and cross. I was like eh but who is this kind soul? When I safely got to the other side, I turned back to take a look at the driver, who now had also lowered his window, to say hello as he drove off. It was someone I had gone to primary school with and we’d gone separate ways and probably hadn’t seen each other in about a decade!

Networks….I normally try not to misuse the fact that most times when I need something or need help with something, I probably have someone in my phone book that I can call to make the process quicker for me, because I went to school with them. But when faced with times when I really have to, the networks school gave me, do come in handy.

School shaped me…..Yes, shaping started at home. And school perfected it. You will not catch me hurling insults, using a certain language, littering, sluggishly dragging my shoes, dressed a certain way or living a certain way….to mention but a few; because I went go to schools that emphasized certain things. Things I am proud of and every now and then I will call you out (and like I mentioned earlier, civilly) if I think you need some shaping up! I have my vices, yes. But the school phase helped to keep those at a minimum.

I could go on and on….the list is endless.

But, confusion in chemistry class, course work woes and research pains, the challenges from every school phase aside, I believe school made me better.

 What School Teaches you

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