Item 39….check

Well, I think it’s a hill and not a mountain 🙂 .. But throwback from 3yrs ago. 🙂 #BucketList

✵ ✶ ★ ☆

Before I even start confusing you, item 39 is something I crossed off my bucket list!

I did that….I crossed an item off my bucket list. Item 39 was “attempt to climb a mountain”…and today, I didn’t only attempt, I CLIMBED ONE! Wanale Mountain, Mbale Google it


Last week I got an invitation to go hiking, but either I saw the message late, or he really did send it in late. So it was really short notice, and my weekends are already occupied – school. I relayed my apologies and promised to tag along the week after.

I looked forward to the weekend all week! Saturday came and of course I had to go to class, but had already made up my mind that for this particular weekend, Sunday class was out because I was going hiking! In my defense, I had all the module notes already, had got the…

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