Laughing at the Past

Yesterday colleagues of mine who also happened to have studied together at some point in their lives gave me (and themselves) a good laugh.

One of them randomly pointed out how once at school, for some exam, the other was the best in the exam….and he’d got….wait for it…..32%! I burst out laughing. If the best in the exam had got 32%, what did the rest have??????

So I asked them if at the time of this event, years ago, they laughed at it. And the answer, nope. It wasn’t funny then. In fact it was sad. I was reminded of my school days, when I got the strangest marks in Additional Maths and A’ level chemistry that I sometimes got so stressed about it like my world was crumbling. 😀

That is life. Isn’t it? The stuff that gets us upset or down many times…..Several years later…..does / will any of it matter? What if we handled life’s blows with that kind of attitude……a year, 2 or 5 from now, will it matter? Is it worth getting soooo depressed about? Is it thaaaaaaaat fatal? I’m not saying we shouldn’t deal. By all means, please, do deal. But deal, finish and get moving. Chances are, whatever it is, YOU WILL laugh about it later.

Even the bible does say, ’Weeping lasts for a night, but Joy comes in the morning. 🙂 And in 2Peter 3:8 there’s something about a thousand years being equivalent to one day in the Lord’s sight…..or something like that. So that Joy that’s supposed to come in the ‘morning’….the morning being talked about in that verse might be in Lord-years (lol) ….But, when HE finally decides that your morning has come, please laugh…and laugh and laugh. 🙂




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