Who watches over you?

And who do you pray for when you get up in the morning or as you go to bed at night?

Something happened a few weeks….maybe months ago. As my mother and brother drove home after work, my brother, in the backseat, was listening to music on his phone. Scrolling through his playlist. His window was not all the way up, but high enough to just leave a tiny space for air about 3cm below the rain guard / shield. Those shields are actually called visors.

So anyway, they were in slow moving traffic around Naguru ( and I should warn you that there is probably a group of people that have what I’m about to explain as a full blown activity….just recently I saw it unfold right infront of me on the car ahead of me)……this guy from nowhere was at my brother’s door, hit the visor broken, forced the window down and grabbed his phone. All this in a space of like 5 seconds. The impact on the visor had my mum think they’d been rammed into by another car so she stopped the car and in the process, my brother unlocked the door and got out………to chase the thief. He is no coward and I’m not surprised he did this…but when I was told the story, my heart was unsettled all day.

See, a lot more could have gone wrong. This lot of people, the ones doing these things, these petty crimes….they’re desperate and will go to extremes. This particular guy could have had a knife, a gun, or an accomplice waiting ahead to attack. All this was running through my head as I listened to the story. And my mother….her panic…her son, her baby, had just stormed out of the car…to chase a thief! Goodness!

After a short while he got back. The guy who grabbed the phone had jumped onto a bike that was waiting ahead and they rode off.

I don’t think I have seen my brother that sad in a while….but I kept telling myself, it could have been worse, and I thank God it wasn’t.

Each morning when I wake up I literally pray for my entire nuclear family. By name. For their safety. For their journey mercies. And for God’s guidance. It is a habit so much that when I ‘fail’ to get the time to before I get out of bed, I make it a point to murmur the prayer in the shower or on the way to work. It’s that serious. I need HIM to watch over them, each day.

Who watches over you?

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