Taking Stock: 31-12-16

Wharra year it’s been!

Many have said 2016 has been something else. In a not-so-good way. It has also been a year of firsts, political firsts…and other not so ordinary happenings. Some even believed perhaps this is world end?

We definitely were not ready. But then again, we never can be. That bit, God left out. We certainly can’t tell the future or plan well enough for it, for he decides how exactly in unfolds….I still need to understand though if things like the bombings in Aleppo are ever part of his plan. Does God let war happen? I need someone to explain this to me and make me understand it.

My 2016 has also been something else. However, in a not-so-bad way. I have lived. Truly lived. And loved.  I have grown. Met amazing people, made new networks and connections, re-connected, registered my own firm, finalised masters class, met targets, exceeded targets…..if it were a concert, I’ve definitely got my money’s worth.

And no, this does not mean it was all smooth….the downs were definitely there. Plenty. But see, part of the growing, was learning not to dwell on the downs. Downs are life’s way of calling half time on you…sometimes a necessary half time when you’re moving way too fast. But just like in any game, half time is re-charge time…and then you get back in the game and play even harder.

So here is a toast to 2016…for the lessons, the gifts, the half time and everything in between. To the ones we’ve lost, we definitely will miss and remember you. Always. To those who have lost, time heals everything….but each of us have different ‘times’, don’t bother rushing it. And God’s time is strange…to say the least… 2 Peter 3:8

But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.

Happy 2017. May it be your take-back-your-life year.

Happy new Year!


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