God is Everywhere

God is everywhere
If you’ve ever wondered where God lives…
If sometimes He seems far away in His house in heaven, look around you…
God is everywhere.
You see His face in a woodland flower.
You feel His touch in the gentle rain.
You hear His voice in the murmuring winds.
Even in small secret places, He is always near.
His miracles are as small as a snowflake…
and as great as a sky of stars.
God brings the spirit of joy to your home…
and the spirit of peace and thanksgiving where you worship.
When you speak to God, He guides you.
He is your strength when things don’t go right…
and your comfort when you are lonely or sad.
When you are kind and thoughtful, you are helping to do God’s work…
and in return He sends you the gift of happiness.
God is in every one of us.
He is in our friends who like us just the way we are.
He is in our parents who help us grow up and love us always.
God is in those who think and act as we do…
and in those who may be different.
God is love, and He lives everywhere there is love.
Most of all, God lives in your heart.

  • Barbara Burrow

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