I have been driving since 2007. Not that I’m celebrating an anniversary, but that’s ten years. In those ten years, I’d never crashed. Well, up until recently.

One of my biggest road fears is crashing with a car whose maintenance or repair I can’t afford. In particular, a Mercedes. I’ve always prayed that I never collide with one. 

Fast forward, October, 2017. I had an accident. On a random night. I had a collision with another car and as luck might have it, or not…it was a Mercedes. I was double shocked. One, that  I was in an accident and two, that of all the cars that could have come my way at that point……it had to be a Mercedes. Shook is an understatement. How???!!! Why??!!!

I asked God what kind of joke this was….like seriously?! What the actual hell??!! 😱

The details in between ….I’ll use for a day when I’m trying to convince you to get your car insured…. Comprehensively. And how that will come in handy some day.

Today I drove home very worried that something bad would happen. I was so afraid something would go wrong. The events of that October night came back at me so fast and I was terrified.

Nothing went wrong. Another reminder that the devil is a liar.

The accident happened a few hours after this picture of me was taken by my cousin at the party we were at. If I’d signed out (of life), atleast it’s comforting to know I was smiling hours before my exit.



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