You don’t write anymore…

I heard that statement about thrice in the last week of the year. from an acquaintance, from a close personal friend…and then from a stranger I met at a party, who turned out…follows and reads my blog.

The first two didn’t really sink deep. We laughed it off and I told them I’d get back to it eventually. L though, I’ll call him L…L seemed concerned. His was not a statement. It was a question….why don’t you write anymore?

Half the time I type out stuff on my blog, I don’t really have an audience in mind. Most times, I’m just talking to myself. But that is when it really hit me, that there’s people actually reading. People I don’t know / have never met…maybe will never meet…but they are reading. My home page says…I write about everything and anything,,,,,my heart thoughts, random things, those that inspire me, and I in turn want to pass them on to other peopleI’d feel terrible if my laziness laxity tiredness inability to keep writing robbed someone somewhere of a line or two or even paragraph that would uplift them or have them see life through different lenses. Or even mere humor! Laughter goes a long way.

God gave us the responsibility to impact the lives of those around us…no matter how incapable or unprepared we may feel. You have no idea who is watching, reading or listening and how great of a push you might be to them. Let’s never tire of doing these seemingly random things.

I pray I never do.

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