Let me tell you a story about a little girl named Elina.

I’ve never met her. But a story in the newspaper drew me to her. ‘Tororo Mother Cries out for Help’ – New Vision 10th November, 2017.

It was a story on a lady who had a sick child, sick with what was believed to be a rare form of dermatitis. I know of a great Skin Clinic in Kampala with a renowned Dermatologist so I immediately posted on my social media timelines, Facebook and Twitter, whether it was possible for him to look into this case. Social media is a world on its own these days. It’s made communication very easy and if used well, it’s a really good thing.



Fast forward, a few people found the posts and within no time, the lead doctor at Unity Skin Clinic was able to get on board. The team at New Vision was also very kind and went the extra mile to go back to the mother in their story, get all medical documents and forward them to Dr. Malik, the dermatologist. His assessment revealed that the little girl, Elina, needed a plastic surgeon, not a dermatologist.

Uganda has a hospital for this, thankfully. I’d heard of CoRSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitative Services in Uganda) but have never been there and didn’t really know what is done there. All the relevant medical documents of Elina’s case were forwarded to CoRSU Hospital for further review and recommendation / action. She was later admitted to CoRSU on 8th January, 2018…being taken care of by her mother, Felista Cheptoris.

Amazing news is that Elina is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, 18th January, 2018. EVEN MORE amazing news is…all surgery costs will be put under the hospital’s existing Funding!  I tell you God has not stopped the business of God-ing!

Felista & Elina will only be liable for administration costs i.e Food and accommodation which is 18,000/= per night…approx $5.

I called Felista this afternoon, first to introduce myself, because besides taking interest in the news article, I’d never spoken to her. And I still have never met them both. She’s well and has high hopes for her daughter’s recovery after the scheduled surgery. She doesn’t know how long they’ll be in the hospital but promised to let me know as soon as the doctors let her know. I told her I would make time preferably over the weekend and go visit / meet them. Her and her daughter. I honestly can’t wait to meet them, but I also hope my heart is ready for it.

So here’s what this blog post is about. It is my hope that Elina has a successful surgery, is discharged and both her and her mother return to their home in Tororo. With everything else covered, I’d like to make sure the hospital administration costs are taken care of. Perhaps this is something we can do together? When was the last time you helped a stranger who was not in a position to repay you? Let’s give Felista and her baby girl a chance…and restore their faith in the seemingly impossible. In God.

My first thought was, I collect some money from my friends / acquaintances / friends of friends and then take it to Felista at the hospital…then I got a better idea. If you would like to send Felista some money to cover the hospital admin costs, please directly MM (Mobile Money) her on 0771426694. The number is registered under the name; FELISTA CHEPTO RUTH.

I believe this is something that can be done and I have all the hope in the world that it WILL be done. 🙂

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” — John Bunyon

Thank you, in advance and God Bless You!


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