I ran a poll on twitter yesterday about people’s belief in superstition and with 22% voting yes, 44% no and 34% ish ish…perhaps 56% believe in them?


Seated at a restaurant with a friend one night, a black bird flew in and sat on a truss above us. One of those black birds in the movies. The ones that bring bad news. We both noted this, and subtly joked about how this bird was telling us that someone was dying or going to die. Well, according to this website here, at least 4 people are born every second and 2 die.

The next day, restaurant friend and I got news that a mutual friend of ours had passed on. The bird, we thought out aloud. And then left it at that.

Some nights when my sleep takes longer than usual, and by long I mean 10pm (lol)… a lot goes through my mind…and of recent, this bird has joined that list of a lot. Did it actually come to tell us? Are superstitions A THING? To what extent? And if not, on what basis should they be dismissed?

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