Title: Front-desk Manager

Someone said to me today that I’d make a great front desk manager.

Me: is it? How so?

Her: I have seen you several times stop and ask people in the corridor if they were lost or needed help and on other occasions I’ve seen you walk people to the offices they were looking for. The first time I thought you personally knew the client, however, on another day I noticed you came from elsewhere found this person and stopped to ask how you’d help. I have also seen you get up from your desk to take someone to the right office after they ended up at your desk, lost.

Me:…….. speechless. Also thinking, I’d probably be fired from that job because clearly I’d never be at the front desk because of all that walking.

I later said my thank yous for what I believed was and received as a compliment.

I have been on the receiving end of this before. Government offices where people can’t be bothered. Where the only help they’ll offer you is pointing you in a direction that has 8,564,786,754,588,712 other offices and somehow, that is supposed to help you get where you’d like to go. I know exactly how one feels when this happens because I have received that kind of ‘help’ before.

When I joined the ‘other side’ I told myself that I will never be that person who simply points. At the end of the day, everyone has their own battle of things they’re fighting that I certainly do not know about. The best thing I can do, is make their day a little bit lighter, even if that means giving them 5min of my time and helping them not have to go through having to walk around seemingly aimlessly meeting dead ends.

So, here’s to being better humans and acknowledging that everyone at one time will need help from another person, here’s to purposing to be that front desk manager because you don’t know when you’ll need one yourself.

Happy Christmas count-down! Yes, it’s coming. 🙂


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