I have been driving since 2007. Not that I’m celebrating an anniversary, but that’s ten years. In those ten years, I’d never crashed. Well, up until recently.

One of my biggest road fears is crashing with a car whose maintenance or repair I can’t afford. In particular, a Mercedes. I’ve always prayed that I never collide with one. 

Fast forward, October, 2017. I had an accident. On a random night. I had a collision with another car and as luck might have it, or not…it was a Mercedes. I was double shocked. One, that  I was in an accident and two, that of all the cars that could have come my way at that point……it had to be a Mercedes. Shook is an understatement. How???!!! Why??!!!

I asked God what kind of joke this was….like seriously?! What the actual hell??!! 😱

The details in between ….I’ll use for a day when I’m trying to convince you to get your car insured…. Comprehensively. And how that will come in handy some day.

Today I drove home very worried that something bad would happen. I was so afraid something would go wrong. The events of that October night came back at me so fast and I was terrified.

Nothing went wrong. Another reminder that the devil is a liar.

The accident happened a few hours after this picture of me was taken by my cousin at the party we were at. If I’d signed out (of life), atleast it’s comforting to know I was smiling hours before my exit.




Two years later

About this time 10pm in 2015, we were at the funeral home….trying to pick out the most beautiful casket. You were in another room, they’d put you away to get you ‘ready’. Mum wanted you to have the prettiest one. One you’d love. The funeral service people let us take our time. We must have been there for over an hour. Looking at several caskets. They had plenty. In different colors, accessorized differently. If we wanted changes, they were ready to make them. I guess that’s their job. It’s the least they can do. We did pick out one eventually. For a second we might have forgotten we were going to have you put in there, and locked in. It didn’t register then. We just got you the prettiest. Mum said you’d have loved it. She gave you the very best throughout your living years….and she’d be damned if she got you any less at your death. We got you the best one they had that night.

Two years today and I particularly miss you. You’re up on my bedroom wall so I talk to you often. You’d always say to me you’d tell God about me, I know you always did….and still do. Probably now one on one even, hey!

The hours turned into days, months and now It’s been two years….and I terribly miss you.

You got a great granddaughter recently who’s probably going to have the same kind of bond with her grandmother that you and I had. They say babies talk to angels, I think you two have already met.

It’s been two years….and some days the ache is too fresh. ❤



Merry Christmas! 🙂 Yep, it’s not too early.

I love the festive season mainly because it re-ignites the family spirit. But lately, well thanks to adulting, the season also makes me feel some type of way when I think about the people that are no longer present….or alive. Such is life, though.

Speaking of feasting, in case you’re in Kampala and looking for where to dine this festive season….then this post down here is a good place to start.

Click here for the post.

Love and Light!



Excerpt: …On Grief

We must give each other permission to grieve, and to grieve in the way that is unique to each of us. No one has permission to say to us, “It’s been long enough. Get over it.” No one. …….. Lives that are lanced by loss do not magically zip themselves up into nice, neat packages. When Jesus saw the grief his dear friends experienced at the death of Lazarus, he wept. JESUS WEPT. Even though he knew what was coming next, even though he knew his friend would walk out into the sunlight one more time. Surely we can do no less.


From the blog post Making Room for Lament by Diana Trautwein

Even. Jesus. Wept!

God is Everywhere

God is everywhere
If you’ve ever wondered where God lives…
If sometimes He seems far away in His house in heaven, look around you…
God is everywhere.
You see His face in a woodland flower.
You feel His touch in the gentle rain.
You hear His voice in the murmuring winds.
Even in small secret places, He is always near.
His miracles are as small as a snowflake…
and as great as a sky of stars.
God brings the spirit of joy to your home…
and the spirit of peace and thanksgiving where you worship.
When you speak to God, He guides you.
He is your strength when things don’t go right…
and your comfort when you are lonely or sad.
When you are kind and thoughtful, you are helping to do God’s work…
and in return He sends you the gift of happiness.
God is in every one of us.
He is in our friends who like us just the way we are.
He is in our parents who help us grow up and love us always.
God is in those who think and act as we do…
and in those who may be different.
God is love, and He lives everywhere there is love.
Most of all, God lives in your heart.

  • Barbara Burrow