You’re a perfectionist. You always look out for mistakes. Your level of attention to detail is admirable.

Those are three statements said to me in the last couple of days by three different people, I believe, to mean the same thing.

Charles Swindol said, “10% of life is what happens to you, and the 90% how you react to it.” I’ll twist that to 10% is what is said to you and 90% how you interpret it.

Person 1 and 2 made me feel like I was the problem….like I have a problem. Well, they tried to. See, yes, I am for perfection, if not it, then close to it. I will see your upside down file from three desks away and it will make me uncomfortable; I will find myself walking over and putting it upright. I switch off people’s lights when I walk into their offices, because it’s too bright. Unnecessarily bright. I have no problem with reading a document more than once to ensure everything is okay. Yes, sometimes I will miss the mistakes. Most times, not. I do not look out for mistakes, but if they are there, I will see them. I think they just come to me.

Person 3 put it differently, and suddenly 1 and 2 didn’t matter anymore. Attention to detail is not a bad thing. Who you are might not be a bad thing as people make it seem. Do not let anyone make you feel otherwise. In fact this normally comes from people who are the complete opposite and hey, that’s okay too! They shouldn’t impose who THEY ARE on you or who you should be! Worst case scenario is, these are their own insecurities. You’re a force and they feel threatened by you. Do you anyway!

The next time anyone tries to describe you, to label you, in an effort to insult you, think of the other ways it can be said…or other ways other people have communicated the exact thing but with other words; and run with that. Life’s too short to dwell on people’s negativity.


Dear You,

I had the most hectic morning in the history of hectic mornings. If Monday blues had a face, I’d be it…to perfect it, I’m even in a blue dress. 😂

Soooooo knowing I had a 9am meeting, I planned to leave home early enough so that I’m in the building at least an hour before my meeting. We left home at 6:30am. Bweyogerere. Fair enough.  Fast forward, the mother of all traffic jams! Mama nyabo kinda traffic.

I have never been so confused at how fast time flies like I was this morning. I watched the clock move from 7:30 to 8am to 8:15 to 8:30am….. until when I decided to jump out of the car and get a boda. Which wasn’t even a SafeBoda. 😭 But thankfully we reached safe. 😂

Jumped out of the car at 8:52am about 3km away & stopped a bike to make it for my 9am and walked into the building at exactly 8:58am…and straight into the meeting. I was more in shock than I was upset and this made it funny. Laughter is riyalle medicine for the soul.

The devil woke up in overdrive this morning but nope. Not today, not this week.

I had two options of handling the situation. 1. Sulk about it and end up in such a foul mood.
2. Laugh about it because it could have been worse.

I’m glad I chose 2. I could have missed the meeting time altogether (which would have been very irresponsible of me) or fallen off the bike or the bike could have run out of fuel. 😂😂 But none of this happened..

(Another) Sooooooo; this week (and each day), in Grace Nakimera’s voice Sitaani strategy yakyuusa….😂 the silliest little things will want to throw you off balance, off course, kill your morning or day, but paraphrasing Zig Ziglar, it’s not about what happens to you…but how you respond to it.



Thanks to google, I learnt about Kintsugi….I’d read about it in this blog post.

So Kintsugi is a Japanese form of vessel repair. Fixing / joining broken pieces of a vessel with gold or silver; to put the vessel back together. Sometimes, giving it a more beautiful look even.

This post is about life….and how it unfolds. It’s also, about hope.

…there is a crack in everything that you can put together: Physical objects, mental objects, constructions of any kind. But that’s where the light gets in, and that’s where the resurrection is and that’s where the return, that’s where the repentance is. It is with the confrontation, with the brokenness of things. – Leonard Cohen


Over time, the cracks will fill in with gold and silver and the vessel that remains will be stronger, wiser, and more beautiful than ever. We are all Kintsugi. – Kathy Escobar

The next time you feel broken…remember, we all can be Kintsugi-d.

Happy new month! May this May, and the rest of the year be aMAYzing! 🙂



I ran a poll on twitter yesterday about people’s belief in superstition and with 22% voting yes, 44% no and 34% ish ish…perhaps 56% believe in them?


Seated at a restaurant with a friend one night, a black bird flew in and sat on a truss above us. One of those black birds in the movies. The ones that bring bad news. We both noted this, and subtly joked about how this bird was telling us that someone was dying or going to die. Well, according to this website here, at least 4 people are born every second and 2 die.

The next day, restaurant friend and I got news that a mutual friend of ours had passed on. The bird, we thought out aloud. And then left it at that.

Some nights when my sleep takes longer than usual, and by long I mean 10pm (lol)… a lot goes through my mind…and of recent, this bird has joined that list of a lot. Did it actually come to tell us? Are superstitions A THING? To what extent? And if not, on what basis should they be dismissed?