Blue Pill Red Pill

The current crime and insecurity in the country reminded me of a time I made a not so wise choice that thankfully, did not have a bad end.

I had been out with some friends and when it came to time for me to leave, I did not want to bother anyone for a ride…I hadn’t gone with a car. This happened a few years ago before Uber came; so it was not on my list of options in case you were about to ask.

This was in Kololo, about 11pm. It’s a bit residential. There’s not so many people walking along the roads that late. I walked to the road, stopped a boda boda and asked him to take me to the taxi stage. A random boda guy. He was just riding by and I waved him down. 11pm. I requested him to take me to the stage.

Along the way, he asked me what taxis I wanted and I told him I was going home and needed to get a taxi to my home. I told him the town where my home is. The stage was a little over a kilometer and probably 5minutes. As we approached it, he told me he was actually on his way to the same direction I was. Same town where my home is. So he asked if I was willing to pay some more money so that instead of leaving me at the stage to wait for the taxi, he takes me all the way home.

Nooowwwww….this is after 11pm…and I’m having this conversation with a stranger. On the road somewhere. I thought about it. Weighed my options. If I’d taken a taxi at that time of the night…would I have felt safe? Definitely not. Also, it’s enclosed. More passengers. More strangers. More trouble. If I took the offer of the boda guy….was it wise? What if he rode off elsewhere? Or met up with his other friends and hijacked me? What if this what if that? Blue Pill Red Pill.

I realized I needed to make a choice…I asked him to tell me more about the town, our town. I have lived there all my life so I know it inside out. Anyone else who has been there for a long time would know some basics. He told me he also grew up there, lives there but comes to town to do his boda business. That was a plus because then I got to ask him about places and people of the area that ONLY someone who’s grown up in the area would know. He knew all of them. I even asked him about my home church! He knew it! I asked him his family name…the name was familiar.

At this point I figured, he’s definitely really from there ALTHOUGH that did not mean he was not potentially a threat. I agreed to the offer, silently said my prayers and off we went. It was a long ride. It must have taken us about 40minutes; about 13 kilometers….that’s the longest boda ride I have been on.

He got me home, safe. My home was a little beyond where his was; he showed me his when we passed it. I paid him when we reached and he rode back. I don’t know if he could tell I was scared…I don’t remember if I wore a scared face….I wonder what went through his mind that night. Did he think I was careless for accepting his offer…or simply daring? Did he have second thoughts before offering to take me all the way home? I mean I could have been a threat to him as well. Did he not consider that?

Years later, women in the country are being kidnapped, raped, murdered and basically targeted and the thoughts of that night have now come back to me. What if that night had ended differently? What if?

I thank God for his divine protection every single day. Talking about the recent events in the country with a friend the other day, she said, ‘we are literally living by God’s mercy’.

We really are. Pray for your own safety. Pray for your people’s safety. Pray for our country.

And be cautious. A little bit more cautious.


My February ♡

My February has come to an end. Yes, my February.

It really is my best time of the year. Okay, December too….and a bit of May! Lol. But yes, my February.

Don’t you just love how after the loooooonnnggggg January, February comes along like a breath of fresh air? It really feels like it. For me any way.

This February was special. Thirty was coming…and it came. And it was beautiful.

February also had a plot twist. A not so good twist. You see, as I welcomed thirty, seated under a beautiful sky along the Indian ocean coast…complete with friendship, a book, white sand and blue water; exactly like I imagined it months before…


As I smiled at the heavens for being gracious to me, the saddest news that day came in.

I was lost in thought when I suddenly heard Esther exclaim over something she’d read on her phone…I asked her what was going on and she read it loud. A few minutes later we confirmed what we’d read. Nevender, a friend to both of us, had passed on. Nev was battling sickle cell disease and had succumbed to the illness. Sunday 11th February, 2018. My birthday.

In that instant, everything became blurry. The beach…the water, the sand…the silly beach boys…everything first paused. How could this be happening? He had sent me a message just that morning. I went back and re-checked the message, it was still there. Just a few hours old. And just like he was no more? What is life? Why does life do that? Why does it have us in complete happiness and snatch that away within seconds? Why?


The rest of Sunday went by somehow….we tried to forget temporarily…or not think about it..or whatever it is we were trying to do. Sunday went by. I have a good good friend in Esther Kalenzi. Even with all this happening she made sure the birthday celebration still happened somehow.


Thanks to her, I had a floral crown chair in a nearly 200 seater restaurant…and Swahili waiters and waitresses sing for me as I smiled and attempted to dance…all in language barrier. Still, it was perfect.


Nev’s funeral was the day after we traveled back….in fact, we got back Monday night and Tuesday morning we were on the road to Mityana, where Nev would be buried. Nevender left a legacy. One of hope, goodness, strength, love, friendship and above all, faith. Faith in God.

Every February and every birthday, I will remember him and everything he stood for. Another reason February will remain my February.


farewell, lyrical soldier #RIPMowzeyRadio #RIPMozeyRadio #RIPMoseRadio #RIPMosesRadio

A worthy tribute. Thank you Simon for this.


AS usual, I am playing a Radio and Weasel song.

Today it’s for a very, very sad reason and I am playing every single one of their songs that I have in my collections – legal and pirated alike. It is going to take me hours, they have so many!

I even found myself going back to Facebook to post a message to my wall rather than rely on my weekly auto-posts from this blog.

#RIPMowzey FB Update(The wrong things about this death are so obvious I don’t feel like getting into them here and now.)

It’s been more than a decade since these young men burst into our ear drums to get our feet shuffling, hips swaying and mouths twisting in pretence that we could actually say those lyrics the way they did.

It didn’t matter what song they belted out, it HIT. I can almost trace events and people over…

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Let me tell you a story about a little girl named Elina.

I’ve never met her. But a story in the newspaper drew me to her. ‘Tororo Mother Cries out for Help’ – New Vision 10th November, 2017.

It was a story on a lady who had a sick child, sick with what was believed to be a rare form of dermatitis. I know of a great Skin Clinic in Kampala with a renowned Dermatologist so I immediately posted on my social media timelines, Facebook and Twitter, whether it was possible for him to look into this case. Social media is a world on its own these days. It’s made communication very easy and if used well, it’s a really good thing.



Fast forward, a few people found the posts and within no time, the lead doctor at Unity Skin Clinic was able to get on board. The team at New Vision was also very kind and went the extra mile to go back to the mother in their story, get all medical documents and forward them to Dr. Malik, the dermatologist. His assessment revealed that the little girl, Elina, needed a plastic surgeon, not a dermatologist.

Uganda has a hospital for this, thankfully. I’d heard of CoRSU (Comprehensive Rehabilitative Services in Uganda) but have never been there and didn’t really know what is done there. All the relevant medical documents of Elina’s case were forwarded to CoRSU Hospital for further review and recommendation / action. She was later admitted to CoRSU on 8th January, 2018…being taken care of by her mother, Felista Cheptoris.

Amazing news is that Elina is scheduled for surgery tomorrow, 18th January, 2018. EVEN MORE amazing news is…all surgery costs will be put under the hospital’s existing Funding!  I tell you God has not stopped the business of God-ing!

Felista & Elina will only be liable for administration costs i.e Food and accommodation which is 18,000/= per night…approx $5.

I called Felista this afternoon, first to introduce myself, because besides taking interest in the news article, I’d never spoken to her. And I still have never met them both. She’s well and has high hopes for her daughter’s recovery after the scheduled surgery. She doesn’t know how long they’ll be in the hospital but promised to let me know as soon as the doctors let her know. I told her I would make time preferably over the weekend and go visit / meet them. Her and her daughter. I honestly can’t wait to meet them, but I also hope my heart is ready for it.

So here’s what this blog post is about. It is my hope that Elina has a successful surgery, is discharged and both her and her mother return to their home in Tororo. With everything else covered, I’d like to make sure the hospital administration costs are taken care of. Perhaps this is something we can do together? When was the last time you helped a stranger who was not in a position to repay you? Let’s give Felista and her baby girl a chance…and restore their faith in the seemingly impossible. In God.

My first thought was, I collect some money from my friends / acquaintances / friends of friends and then take it to Felista at the hospital…then I got a better idea. If you would like to send Felista some money to cover the hospital admin costs, please directly MM (Mobile Money) her on 0771426694. The number is registered under the name; FELISTA CHEPTO RUTH.

I believe this is something that can be done and I have all the hope in the world that it WILL be done. 🙂

“You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” — John Bunyon

Thank you, in advance and God Bless You!




:an extended period of leisure and recreation, especially one spent away from home or in travelling.
  1. synonyms: breakrest, period of leave, day off, week off, month off, recess, school holiday, half-termMore


    If ever I told lies back in school, I told the most during my ‘How I spent my holiday’ essay. To be honest, I did not do much with my holidays, except sleeping and watching TV. And there’s only so much one can write about this so I’d lie about how I went to the zoo and did I don’t know what. Anything for the marks. lol. At the end of the day the teacher was not there with me so they had no right to dispute my story. Yes? So I cooked up all these activities.

    This (school) holiday I’ve had the awesome opportunity of having some young adults in my parent’s home. Also, I don’t know of a time when there have been no children in this home. I love that my parents have an open door policy to life in general. 🙂 Having the kids around wasn’t something I foresaw, so I did not have a plan for their ‘entertainment’ or any holiday activities.

    Somehow though, I managed to work out a program that we were able to do over a period of three days and it is one of the most fulfilling things I have done in a while.

    Day 1: 

    I asked them where they wanted to go…places they’d heard about. I mentally noted the places and tried to do the financial calcs, quick budgeting to see which one was possible. One of the places the kids named was Namugongo shrine and Martyrs museum…this was close to home so we made arrangements to go there. I’d never been to the Martyrs museum myself and I figured this would be an awesome opportunity. The excitement they had when we got there had me all emotional. They were overjoyed! I had to take lots of their photos as they found the pictures of their different saints (they’re all Catholics)…and entering the Basilica was a major highlight. I’m glad the management of the area made it very accessible. The lake, the landscaping….all so breathtaking!


    The museum moment was quite emotional. The sculptures of the martyrs and the illustration of their killing makes history sink in some more. The kids had studied the history in school….it just seemed more real now.

    If you haven’t been to this place, make a plan to (on a day that doesn’t have some sort of celebration)…in fact go with all your people. It’s quite affordable; about 2,000/= for the kids, and a little double that for adults. I mean you can’t be Ugandan and not see these things of our history.


    Day 2:

    We learnt how to make paper bags and envelopes. We got a teacher, who also happens to be my mum’s friend. It’s interesting how easy this activity was and quite enjoyable too. All one needs is paper, scissors and glue! I was glad I learnt that one as well, I now added it onto the list of  extra things I can do. The lesson to the kids from this was not simply the making of the envelopes and paper bags but also the spirit of going the extra mile and innovativeness.

    Day 3:

    I got to know about a lady with an orchard not so far out of town. I learnt of her from a friend who’d been to her residence. I’d planned to go with some other people to visit but my schedule was not flexible enough to allow it. I however got a brilliant idea to have the kids go there instead. On day 3, they were taken to the orchard. They got to plant their own little plants from scratch, were taught the basics of  planting in a small space…knowledge they can take home with them. I was really proud!


    These kids are going to have the most bombastic ‘how I spent my holiday’ beginning of term essay! Their teachers and home people might even want in on this plan next time!