I told him I felt safe but didn’t know what that was about. This must have been what it meant.

I said: My tiny world…

He said: The only thing about you is your frame…

I tried to stress a point…

He said: Don’t crease your forehead…

I said: I got stranded…..

He said: Never get stranded, I’m here now…

On another day, I laughed…

He said: Never change; not even for me. Never stop laughing.

I told him I felt safe but didn’t know what that meant. This must have been what it was about.

How did you meet your Boda guy?

How did you meet your boda guy? Almost everyone has a boda guy. Not a random one who you find at the stage and ask him to take you to place B, but one you can call and he picks you from wherever or have him run an errand or something like that.

Yes, that guy, how did you meet him?

Today I met mine. I have lots of boda guys, and before today, that definition fitted any of them who took me any given day. For the moment of the journey, he’d be my boda guy. But this afternoon I met theeeee one. The real deal.

After lunch, I needed to get to school real quick and pick up my graduation documents and apparel for next week. Yup!!! I’m graduating. And my marks are faaar from shabby! So good actually, I’ve already shared this with some people. That kind of good news that is too good, it overwhelms you, you tell just a few people. Lol. But for that, I thank the Lord.

Back to boda story.

I went to this stage, called one of the guys and told him where I wanted to go. I also mentioned to him that I might or might not have escaped from my desk so I asked him to use a specific route, avoiding another. He understood and signaled me to sit, as if, say no more, I gat you. Along the way he asked if I wanted him to wait for me so he brings me back….I told him what I was going to do might take a bit of time but we’d see about it.

When we reached school, I decided I didn’t want to make him wait. I paid him the to-fare and told him if I wasn’t back in 2 minutes, it was okay for him to leave me. I took foreeeever. Okay about 25minutes. And I figured since I had already paid him, no need to rush through anything, I took my time. When I was done, I walked out the school gate and to my shock, he was there! I literally said waaaaiiirrraaaminute! Si gwe wandeese? Those were my exact words by the way.

He laughed and responded affirmative. I told him he wasn’t serious and asked him why he waited that long. His response, ‘you said you run away from your desk, I have to take you back.’ he said that in luganda

My eyes were still wide open. Several good things have happened to me this week, I did not expect something of this sort, though.

So I sat and said my thank yous and told him we could go. I later told him I was going to take his number because I think I’ll be needing him again. And when we reached, I asked how much he wanted and he said whatever I was willing to pay him…..and he was serious. Who was this guy???? So anyway, I gave him 1k more than I’d even planned to, and then took his number and name.

So that is how I met my boda guy…how did you meet yours?

What have you done?

I am a girl woman so every month I get a visitor. One that only God and Biology can explain. A necessary visitor, a reminder that my body is working fine and ideally I should be glad about it. Thankful even.

Every month even when the visitor calls, with all the effects that come with it, I have to respond, then wake up and show up where I’m supposed to be and I’m expected to operate normally like my body isn’t experiencing world war III. Lucky for me, I can take the necessary precautions, the most important being having a constant supply of sanitary wear.

During a certain Presidential campaign, one of the candidates at the time promised free sanitary wear for village school girls, so that they don’t miss school on those days. Candidate won. But later his Education Minister declared that the country did not have money to fulfill the campaign promise. Cue Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

A few weeks ago while walking along the toiletries aisle in the supermarket I stopped and considered getting some sanitary wear very well knowing I did not need them at the time; nonetheless, I wanted to be sure I had ‘stock’. Just in case. I then wondered how terrified these school girls in the village must be. Getting embarrassed before the boys at school and they can’t even do anything about it and in the end opt to stay away from school for a couple of days…or a week. Justifiably so. For a three months school term, that would mean, three weeks off school. A lot can be missed in three weeks.

Dr. Stella Nyanzi (Ph.D.) waged a verbal war on the system and somehow managed to collect funds and supplied a great deal of free sanitary wear to girls who’d otherwise not be able to afford it. I’m not as bold as the Doctor; but nze nga nze, me as me, feel I should be able to contribute to this good cause in a way.

I thought about the frequent village trips I do in a year and on top of all the other things bought to be taken to the village, I’ll start adding a couple of packets of sanitary wear. For the young girls in the village, or the neighborhood or even strangers. I know they will need them; and hopefully keep them in school a week longer. 🙂

What have you done?

Taking Stock: 31-12-16

Taking Stock: 31-12-16

Wharra year it’s been!

Many have said 2016 has been something else. In a not-so-good way. It has also been a year of firsts, political firsts…and other not so ordinary happenings. Some even believed perhaps this is world end?

We definitely were not ready. But then again, we never can be. That bit, God left out. We certainly can’t tell the future or plan well enough for it, for he decides how exactly in unfolds….I still need to understand though if things like the bombings in Aleppo are ever part of his plan. Does God let war happen? I need someone to explain this to me and make me understand it.

My 2016 has also been something else. However, in a not-so-bad way. I have lived. Truly lived. And loved.  I have grown. Met amazing people, made new networks and connections, re-connected, registered my own firm, finalised masters class, met targets, exceeded targets…..if it were a concert, I’ve definitely got my money’s worth.

And no, this does not mean it was all smooth….the downs were definitely there. Plenty. But see, part of the growing, was learning not to dwell on the downs. Downs are life’s way of calling half time on you…sometimes a necessary half time when you’re moving way too fast. But just like in any game, half time is re-charge time…and then you get back in the game and play even harder.

So here is a toast to 2016…for the lessons, the gifts, the half time and everything in between. To the ones we’ve lost, we definitely will miss and remember you. Always. To those who have lost, time heals everything….but each of us have different ‘times’, don’t bother rushing it. And God’s time is strange…to say the least… 2 Peter 3:8

But you must not forget this one thing, dear friends: A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day.

Happy 2017. May it be your take-back-your-life year.

Happy new Year!