Dear future father of my children…

Well, our children…..

I hope you’re well and working hard. See, we’ll need to put the kids through school and so many other expenses involved. I wonder if the economy will be better then….do you think it will?

Anyhu, (oh, yes. I write anyhu for anyways and anyhow..but I won’t let our children write such bad english)…anyhu, I’ve written this letter to tell you about something I found home yesterday when I got back from work.

A few weeks ago Bell lager launched a campaign. Ne-yo is coming  to town and the tickets were not going to be sold, but won. Someone had to drink oba 10 beers to win a ticket or something like that. Now I, dear mother of your future children, do not take beer in brown bottles. LOL. Just allow my ways. So clearly, these tickets were not for me to win. I wasn’t exactly planning on going for the show because I’m so sick of love songs. See what I just did there? No? You mean that line doesn’t sound familiar??? Then why are you going for the Ne-yo concert again?

Anyhu, moving on…while at a party with your future father-in-law during the time of the campaign, I randomly started collecting bell bottle tops. Just for fun. Your future-father-in-law saw me and asked why I was collecting them and I told him they had codes that would win me something. He really didn’t understand it, because after that he helped me collect ALL beer tops, not just bell.

Weeks later, after the promo I think even ended…I hear the tickets are now going to be sold….weeks later, yesterday to be exact, I found bottle tops on my bed. He’d collected me more. And placed them on my bed, I found them when I got home from work. I’d had quite a long day but seeing these had me smile from one ear to the other, even if I knew I didn’t need them. I need to tell him the promotion ended.



My dear future father of my children, I have written about my father before in this post and if you read it (just click the link), you’ll understand exactly how much he means to me. See what he did with the bottle tops, yes that’s what he does all the time with everything that concerns my siblings and I; if only you’ll selflessly love our children like your future father in law does me and your future brothers-in-law…you’ll have given me the world. 🙂

Yours Sincerely,

Future mother of your children.

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